SMC Pentax Soft 85mm f / 2.2 - a specialized soft lens for portrait photography. It has a very unusual "goggle-eyed" forum - the diaphragm control ring protrudes strongly above the body. The lens is quite compact, relatively lightweight. Well, now about the soft effect ...
I took this lens for a test with great interest. The fact is that earlier I visited Kenko MC Soft 85 mm f / 2.5, which impressed me so much that I purchased it immediately after the test.
And what will show SMC Pentax Soft 85mm f / 2.2? And he showed ... a daub. Yes, there is a soft effect and a pronounced one, but ... There was a feeling that I could just as well have smeared the glass with Vaseline. If Kenko there were some transformations of the volume and the pattern as a whole, then in Pentax the blur effect just appeared, after which I want to rub my eyes. In addition, there is a sharp colored border at the border of contrasting areas.
I rarely dare to give uncompromising reviews, but in this case I can safely say: SMC Pentax Soft 85mm f / 2.2 I would not even take it for free. And if I got it for free, I would sell it for 500 rubles, no more.


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