I could not find a description of the Sankyo Kohki Komura 105mm f / 2.8 on the net - at least in the Russian-language segment. It was all the more interesting to take it for review.
Already during shooting, looking through the viewfinder of the Sony A7 Mark II using a digital magnifier, I noted good sharpness lens... Viewing on the monitor confirmed my feelings - the lens is really sharp, though not "ringing". However, this can hardly be attributed to shortcomings, rather - to features.
But the contrast in lens sometimes really not very high - you can see this by looking at the images converted from RAW. But! Again, I do not consider this a disadvantage. In fact, the lens gives us a good, “flat” workpiece according to the histogram, from which we can then make anything. Moreover, in sunny weather the contrast is quite good (see examples at the end).

Sankyo Kohki Komura 105 / 2.8's color rendition is also smooth and calm. No special CAs were noticed (although I filmed all the time in the open). Harmonious bokeh (no wonder there are 16 aperture blades). The glass makes the main subject stand out well from the background. In general, in the end, we can say that we have a classic portrait lens, which will be especially in demand for women and children portraits. I do not exclude that the most advantageous images will look in black and white.

Sankyo Kohki Komura 105mm f / 2.8 sample photo


  1. Sankyo Kohki (producer)
  2. W-Komura 35mm f / 2.5
  3. Sankyo Kohki Komura 105mm f / 2.8
  4. Komuranon 135 mm f / 2.5
  5. Komura Sankyo Kohki 135 mm f2.8
  6. Komura Sankyo Kohki 135 mm f / 3.5
  7. Komura Sankyo Kohki 200 mm f 3.5
  8. Sankyo Kohki Komura 200mm/f4.5

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