Vega-M-1 is a lens from a miniature camera "Narcissus". It was a half-frame camera, and therefore Vega-M-1 can be used today only on the Micro 4: 3 system.

I took a few pictures by coming up with an adapter for the Sony A7 Mark II from the rings at hand. This is why there is no infinity anywhere - creating a normal adapter would take too long.
But the resulting pictures showed the main thing. The lens has a typical planar pattern and is quite sharp when open. It seems to me that if desired, with the Vega-M-1 lens, you can get quite atmospheric, deep, "cinematic" pictures.
Due to its size, the lens is not very easy to operate. The design feature does not allow attaching a hood (it saves a little the fact that the front lens is still slightly recessed into the frame). Of the positive qualities, I note the perfectly blackened aperture blades. Aperture ring works with soft, pleasant clicks during shooting

Sample photo Vega-M-1


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