All the cine lenses that I had had one thing - a soft, deep, atmospheric, three-dimensional picture. And Vega-9 has become another confirmation of this rule.

The lens was mounted on the first release of the Krasnogorsk movie camera. Considering the size of 16mm film, Vegu-9 today can only be used on cropped cameras, as well as on the Micro 4/3 system and cameras like the Nikon J1. However, I successfully shot with them on the full-frame Sony A7 Mark II (indicating in the menu that I shoot with a cropped lens).

Vega-9 is very easy to modify. Let me explain using the example of the aforementioned Sony. You need to buy an adapter M39-Sony E (NEX) or M42-Sony E (NEX). And then bore it under a glass of Vega-9 and put it on epoxy. Everything!

У lens an interesting aperture ring - very high and in fact plays the role of an excellent hood. Some, by the way, shoot it, being afraid of vignetting - on the contrary, I like this effect.

The lens slightly twists the background, but this is not its main advantage. An artistic cinematic picture is its highlight. It was not without reason that the Krasnogorsk camera was sometimes used as a backup cameraman at documentary film studios throughout the Soviet Union.
Great hips, pleasant, natural colors, good luminosity and contrast - all this makes Vegu-9 one of the most successful domestic lenses, which must be given a second life on modern mirrorless cameras.

Below are my shots first, and then a couple of examples from the site Lens.Club

Vega-9 sample photo


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