Telephoto lens LOMO PO500-1 with a focal length of 90mm and aperture of f / 2.0 is the easiest to convert toa non-projection lens.
To be honest, I didn’t even alter it for this test. I just took the M39-Sony E adapter, found the right extension tube for a more or less normal flange distance ... and please!

LOMO RO500 1

What surprised the lens?
First, the sharpness and density of the picture
Secondly, excellent resistance to side light (and this despite the fact that I shot without a hood)
Thirdly, a plastic, soft, classic planar picture in the blur area.
LOMO PO500-1 without exaggeration can be called an artistic portrait lens. This is facilitated by the great focal length, and a high aperture ratio, and a peculiar, unique hips.
Below is a series of pictures. Unfortunately, in winter you can't shoot much, but I think that in the midst of spring, when the first fresh greens break through, I will get with this lens really wonderful pictures.

LOMO PO500-1 sample photo

LOMO RO500 1 primer photo 7 LOMO RO500 1 primer photo 5 LOMO RO500 1 primer photo 1 LOMO RO500 1 primer photo 2 LOMO RO500 1 primer photo 3 LOMO RO500 1 primer photo 4

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