Triplet 78 / 2.8 was removed by me from the "Ekran" overhead projector just for the sake of curiosity. It's really interesting to see how a lens designed to transmit an image ... in the opposite direction will work.

Triplet 78 / 2.8 is the dream of a person who loves to transfer old lenses to modern cameras. Indeed, you just can't put it into some factory adapter. It will take work, and a lot of work. The only question is, is it worth the time?
The lens draws softly, and also forms characteristic "bubbles" of glare. In the figure hips, in my opinion, sometimes there is a "mishmash". If you like these effects, then it might be worth redoing. In this case, you get a classic portrait lens.
However, keep in mind that the lens does not have an aperture and is extremely afraid of flare. This is especially true for lenses produced by the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant (its logo is a stylized image of an owl).

Triplet 78 / 2.8 sample photo

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