Samyang is a well-known Korean company that produces manual optics. The prices for its products are much lower, but the optical and mechanical quality remains at a height

You feel the first positive feelings already at the moment of unpacking lens... It is wrapped in foil and placed in a special niche, which guarantees safe transportation. Assembly lens also not satisfactory. No backlash, everything is tightly fitted. Ergonomically, your fingers intuitively fit the aperture and focus ring. Well, now about the drawing lens.
As you know, the main problem for the owner of a fish is finding a plot. Going to just click them is a waste of time. Therefore, to begin with, I would advise you to get acquainted with the work of other photographers who successfully shoot with this glass. And even then, you will have a little idea of ​​advantageous positions and shooting points.
I remind you that it is better to shoot with a covered hole - for example, f / 8 or f / 11. The fact is that thanks to this, you can easily reach the hyperfocal distance - that is, almost everything in the frame will be in the sharpness zone. Hyperfocal distance tables are easy to find on the internet.
Well, then - let's go! Search for interesting objects and stories and amaze your viewers!

Samyang 8mm f / 3.5 sample photo

Adapters for cameras and lenses

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