When I say light lens, I don't mean weight, but character. You know, there are people around whom it is always easy - and so, Nikon 50mm f / 2 seems to be one of them.

I would even dare to assume that with the help of this lens psychotherapy sessions can be carried out. Now, if you're sad for a day or two ... just take it and walk the streets. Most likely, the Nikon 50mm f / 2 will be able to cheer you up with its character.
Looking at its construct, one feels a slight feeling of regret when remembering the Soviet "Helios". Because you look at the smoothly matted Nikon aperture blades and you think: "Why couldn't we have it this way?" Or you see the complete absence of oil on them - and you understand that it will not appear even in twenty years ...
Picture at lens not just light - it's kind of warm, cozy, soothing. But note that the Nikon Nikkor 50mm f / 2 can be quite fun - just take care of the colorful background behind. And he will try to turn it into bright circles and drops of light!
In general, this is glass, about which I can safely say: "It will not disappoint you!" It's amazing that such a budget glass produces such a picture. And when you work with him, you involuntarily recall the lines of a famous song: “I look after her - there is nothing in it. And I keep looking, I do not take my eyes off ... "

Nikon Nikkor 50mm f / 2 sample photo

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