The Nikon Micro Nikkor 200 mm f / 4 IF Ai is an old macro lens from 1978 to 1982.
The first thing you pay attention to is the length. Almost 20 centimeters! It is clear that such a unit will displace a couple of usual accessories for a walk from the wardrobe trunk ... At the same time, the weight remains quite comfortable - just over 700 grams.

Focusing is smooth enough, but a little tight. The aperture ring is not very convenient for modern cameras - too close to their body. Also, on my copy diaphragm switched with some difficulty and barely audible clicks.
However, in the practice of macro photography, this does not matter too much. Usually diaphragm is initially set to the desired value, and focusing sometimes by simply approaching the object.

Nikon Micro Nikkor 200 mm f 4 IF AI

Nikon Micro Nikkor 200 mm f / 4 IF Ai has a built-in fleecy hood (by the way, the inside of the lens). Attention is drawn to the nature of enlightenment - it is double and changes from rich golden to pure green.

Nikon Micro Nikkor 200 mm f / 4 IF Ai sample photo

The lens is quite sharp already at open aperture. However, it seemed to me that this statement is true for short distances (which is logical for macrolens). Below I give examples of shots with the Nikon Micro Nikkor 200 mm f / 4 IF Ai in comparison with the Canon FD 200mm f / 2.8 and Canon EF 70-200 f / 4 / 0L IS. As you can see, when shooting distant objects Nikon Micro Nikkor 200 mm f / 4 IF Ai loses a little to its rivals.

But at a distance of MDF and close to it, the lens behaves perfectly. True, chromatic aberrations are noticeable on a completely open one - moreover, even in a low-contrast scene.

The colors are clean enough, correct. There is almost no vignetting. Drawing lens by its nature immediately reminded Industar-51 from the formatting camera FKD! I could not find the Nikkor 200 mm f / 4.0 optical scheme on the Internet, but maybe it is also Tessarov's? After all, the key parameter for macrolens is the sharpness.

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