The lenses of the Jupiter family surprised me again. The first time - in the case of Jupiter-9, produced in 1963. And the second time, when I started shooting with the Jupiter-11A lens.

In fact, Jupiter-11A is the "father" of a faster analogue - Jupiter-37A. But if the latter did not inspire me in any version, then the first immediately pleased me with the plasticity, softness and picturesqueness of the picture - as if it had been created by an artist and strong bright strokes ...
As you already understood from the description, the lens is very contrasting. True, he is very afraid of side and back light - and, you see, it is no coincidence that the developers came up with such a record-long hood for him ...

The sharpness of Jupiter-11A is excellent already in the open. The colors are rich, bright, fresh. Vignetting is not particularly noticeable, as well as chromatic aberrations. In general, as it is not surprising, but Jupiter-11A in the nature of its pattern is somewhat superior to Jupiter-37A. Moreover, the latter, in my opinion, is somewhat limited in its application due to some "rigidity" and "brutality" of the drawing. But Jupiter-11A may well be used for portraits of women.

Jupiter-11A example photo


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