Jupiter-9 for a rangefinder camera came to me for the first time. And I immediately noticed the difference with the option for SLR cameras.

I had simple Jupiter-9 lenses, both export lenses, and with MC markings ... And I didn't like absolutely all of them. Moreover, purely for individual reasons - in the same way, the Helios-77M-4, Canon EF 50mm f / 1.2L and a number of other lenses did not take root in me. That is, I simply did not find points of contact with them ...
But rangefinder Jupiter-9 stands alone in this row. I still won't shoot them (I don't like the optical design of the Zonnar, the only exception is Jupiter-8). But I cannot but admit that the optical characteristics of the rangefinder Jupiter-9 turned out to be a very interesting glass with great artistic potential.
I had heard before that white lenses manufactured before 1965 (and even export ones) were of a special quality. Now I can confirm this. My copy of 1963 may well claim to be the pride of the Soviet optical industry.

Jupiter-9 rangefinder example photo

Jupiter 9 range
It gives out a soft, light, airy pattern. This is really a portrait photographer in its classical sense. There is a slightly warm shade in the color rendition, which also plays into the hands of the portraitist. The lens holds back light well, chromatic aberrations are small, vignetting is not annoying.
Unfortunately, during the test, I did not have a model nearby, and there was snow all around. But even these pictures, taken in ordinary urban settings, give out a very artistic picture.
In general, this rare glass can be not only an object of interest for collectors, but also a real creative tool for a keen photographer.


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