I will not hide my emotions - this lens surprised me and surprised me in an amicable way ...

No, not for its assembly and ergonomics - why be surprised if this is the famous Carl Zeiss? The lens amazed with its picture - delicate, airy, light! As if you were shooting not at f / 3.5, but at f / 2.8. And as if there are not six diaphragm blades, but more ...

Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135 mm f 3.5
Moreover, on an open lens it is extremely sharp. There is practically no vignetting, chromatic aberrations are hardly noticeable, colors are juicy, fresh, clean - in general, a song, not glass! The only problem is the fear of back and side light - even with the hood on, the contrast starts to drop (see examples)
The general character of the picture is light, cheerful, airy. I think the lens is ideal for shooting portraits of children and women in spring and summer.

Sonnar 135 mm f / 3.5 sample photo


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