When I took this lens in my hands, I did not immediately understand what was the matter. Something very familiar and unfamiliar at the same time ... It's plastic! The first time I got my hands on an old Japanese lens, whose body was made of plastic.

"Well, well," I thought. - "Considering that your aperture ratio is not a record one, plus a plastic case - let's see what you can surprise ..."
You know - he could. First of all, the thoroughness and accuracy of the assembly. Although the lens is made of plastic, it is pleasant to hold it in your hands, and the control is not satisfactory.
The second is a picture. She is very, very sharp with an open one. In addition, the lens conveys volume well. And of the minuses, only motley and chaotic can be noted hips, in this connection, you need to think about when shooting with this lens.
In general, glass commands respect and gives even more for its money than you might expect.

Canon FD 50mm f / 2.0 sample photo

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