I traditionally do not have a relationship with lensmi brand "Jupiter". The only exception was Jupiter-8 and ... this one "Jupiter-9". This one is from 1963.

What kind of Jupiters-9 I did not have! Both conventional, and export, and multi-coated. But only a copy of the early sixties, released at that blessed time, which is considered the golden age of quality for Soviet photographic equipment, made me respect myself ...

belyj Jupiter 9 dlya zerkalnyh camera

Only this "Jupiter-9" allowed me to see a picture characteristic of those years. Light haze, like a monocle. Subtle software. Moderate sharpness. And all this adds up to the unique character of the glass, which immediately awakens in the memory the pictures of the 1960s ... And, frankly, I just want to translate the resulting image into black and white.
This lens is made for portraits and for portraits only. Moreover, for a portrait of a calm - laughing children or mischievous girls, I somehow do not perceive through him ... Jupiter-9 was created for staged, thoughtful shooting. It is intended to convey the character of tranquil beauty.
The lens is very compact, it has as many as fifteen blackened aperture blades. It is convenient to operate, has a common thread diameter for the hood. In general, if you liked the test photos from this lens and you understand what you want to achieve with it - then take it boldly.

Jupiter-9 example photo


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