The Olympus OM-System E.Zuiko Auto-T 200 mm f / 4.0 is one of the sharpest manual telephoto lenses I have tested. In addition, chromatic aberration is very well corrected in the lens.

The lens has a reliable design and a retractable hood. Eight aperture blades create a smooth, calm hips (even too even, I would say).
The colors in the picture are saturated, dense. But the main thing that strikes the lens is razor sharpness in the open! I noted this moment right away, because before Olympus OM-System E.Zuiko Auto-T 200 mm f / 4.0 I have been tested by many other manual manual "two hundred".
I do not see it necessary to describe the quality of assembly and ease of operation - the name of the company speaks for itself. Therefore, I will go straight to the examples of photos, noting only that for me personally, the nature of the picture is painfully even. But on the other hand, the optical qualities Olympus OM-System E.Zuiko Auto-T 200 mm f / 4.0 truly excellent!
I would like to express my gratitude for the lens provided to Dmitry Terskov.

Olympus OM-System E.Zuiko Auto-T 200 mm f / 4.0 sample photo

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