Komuranon 135 mm f / 2.5 - one of the rarest and most respectable manual lenses. There are practically no mentions of this glass on the Internet. Therefore, you, dear readers, become the first to see this lens at work.

Photo lens test Komuranon 135 mm f / 2.5 I got into a stylish wardrobe trunk, inside of which it was securely attached with Velcro straps. Also in the "chest" there is a compartment for light filters. The lens is equipped with a powerful hood (which, which is rare, is attached in the stowed position directly to the lens). By itself Komuranon 135 mm f / 2.5 assembled very soundly, weighty in the hand and large enough. There is no serial number on the case.
The minimum focusing distance is 1,7 meters. In terms of its optical qualities, the lens showed a fairly high sharpness, conveys volume well. The color rendition is correct - with a bias of a slightly lilac shade. The bokeh is very, very even, possibly due to only six aperture blades. But in general, be that as it may, remember the famous phrase: "There are no bad hundred and thirty-five."
I would like to express my gratitude for the provided lens to Andrey Spirin. 

Komuranon 135 mm f / 2.5 sample photo

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