The Kenko MC Soft 85 mm f / 2.5 is a very rare low-circulation Japanese lens that is specially designed to create a pronounced "soft effect"

I want to say right away that before this lens I had an expensive softening filter. HOYA Pro-1D, Softon A... But after a couple of photo sessions, I forgot about him - he did not impress with his even, uniform software. Visited my test and soft lens Pentaxwhich I returned without regret. And here Kenko MC Soft 85 mm f / 2.5 conquered from the very first frames. Moreover, so much so that I decided on unplanned expenses and after the test I immediately bought it ...
Kenko MC Soft 85 mm f / 2.5 not only softens the drawing - he actively doubles the contours, perfectly blurs the background and, as a result, creates an amazing picture that will appeal primarily to women.Delicate, airy, glowing skin - isn't that a dream for girls of all ages? Softness, roundness, understatement - are these not traits of a woman's character?
Kenko MC Soft 85 mm f / 2.5 it does its job so well that no further correction in Photoshop is required. Of course, you can play a little with the exposure results, but in general, glass will greatly facilitate the work of both the wedding photographer and the portraitist.
Now for some technical information. The lens is quite compact, lightweight, and has a wide rubberized focusing ring. Optical design, most likely - "Periscope". The lens has thirteen aperture blades, which form a perfectly round aperture at any value. The front lens is recessed about 1 cm inward, but I still use the hood when shooting. By the way, if the backlight still gets into the lens, this does not lead to marriage - the nature of the backlight is such that it may well play an artistic role.
In general, I highly recommend this lens to anyone who is involved in portrait photography. Its average price is 15000 rubles, which should not stop someone who decided to create a truly soft, glowing ... a truly female portrait! And what a space Kenko MC Soft 85 mm f / 2.5 opens in the nude genre ...
Recommendations: for more precise focusing, use the Tenpa or LCD-V2 eyecup (due to the strong soft effect, focusing will be difficult). Next, advise the models to wear light-colored clothes. Also, do not be afraid to work with back and side lights during working hours. The last thing - sometimes during shooting, enter plus exposure compensation.

Kenko MC Soft 85mm f / 2.5 sample photo

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