Korean lenses rarely get on my test. This copy was produced in 1970-1980. last century. Assembled with high quality, has a retractable hood. Well, about the optical characteristics, see below.
The first thing you notice is clearly underexposed shots. I traditionally shoot in aperture priority mode, opening it all the way up. Here, from the very first shots, it seemed that the pictures were getting dark. I looked at the histogram - it turned out that it didn’t seem ... Therefore, most of the pictures in this publication were taken with a slight exposure compensation.
The second feature is the departure of the color gamut to a magenta hue. Perhaps, this is the first lens among all the tested ones, which "warms up" in such a peculiar way.
Vignetting is normal, sharpness also did not cause any particular complaints. Character hips seemed a little "nervous".
All in all, the JCPenney 135 mm f / 2.8 turned out to be one of the few hundred and thirty-fives that I didn't really like.

JCPenney 135 mm f / 2.8 sample photo

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