I have long wanted to compare the two versions lens Industar-61 L / Z - with and without multi-coating. So the conclusions are below

For the manufacture of Industar-61 L / Z MS used superheavy crown of glass, STK-6 (the name "lanthanum" occurs). In many respects, the optical properties of this glass depend on this.
The first thing I want to note is the more saturated, denser colors. Needless to say - the color rendition of Industar-61 L / Z MS is at a very high level. But I'll say right away that the lens loves sunlight - then it will show everything it is capable of. In cloudy weather, you should not expect miracles from him.
Next is the contrast. Also flawlessly. Front lens lens very deeply set in the frame. Together with the hood, this makes the lens completely invulnerable to side exposure. The picture is obtained as a result of volumetric, spatial, visually perceptible
Sharpness - no comment. Resolution in the center - 42 lines per mm., Along the edge - 30. Even a beginner amateur of manual optics knows that this lens is famous for its sharpness (starting from f / 4.0 it is even across the entire field). Note that when the aperture is closed, the glare in the out-of-focus area turns into characteristic "stars". I have seen pictures where this feature was played up very, very artistically.
The minimum focusing distance is less than 30 cm. This allows the lens to be used in macro photography (when using M42 macro rings). This is facilitated by the large, smooth focusing ring.
Generally, Industar-61 L / Z - this is a very interesting glass, especially the multi-coated version

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