The Fujinon EBC 135mm f / 3.5 lens began to delight even before shooting - with one of its elegant looks!

And during testing, the initial sensations of Fujinon EBC 135mm f / 3.5 have not decreased at all. It's a pity that the tests were carried out in a bit cloudy weather - in my opinion, the Fujinon EBC 135mm f / 3.5 should respond positively to sunlight, clear blue skies and clean May greens.
Well, now to the characteristics. The lens is lightweight, compact, and comes with a hood. The number of aperture blades is six. They are solidly matted. Structurally, the diaphragm has no intermediate values, but in fact, you can set any value you want without waiting for the switch to click.
The lens is easy to use, grippy, very well assembled. In terms of sharpness, it gives excellent results already in the open - everything that falls into the depth of field is clearly separated from the background.
Contrast and color rendition are excellent. Chromatic aberration has been fixed very well. Thin, delicate, airy hips - is also an integral feature of this lens (here's six petals for you!)
In general, in my personal rating of manual 135-ok Fujinon EBC 135mm f / 3.5 deservedly takes one of the first places! In my work, I would use it primarily for shooting portraits of women and children. And, again, I would try to wait to shoot a sunny day
I would like to express my gratitude for the lens provided to Dmitry Terskov.

Fujinon EBC 135mm f / 3.5 sample photo

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