An amazing edition came into my hands recently. The revue was released in Czechoslovakia in 1966 and is a photographic almanac in which beautiful photographs from all over the world alternate with publications on the theory and practice of photography.
First of all, the author's composition of the almanac is surprising. Here it was possible to massively publish the works of photographers of the "decaying West": from the USA, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Great Britain. Moreover, photographers from the socialist camp provided such pictures that Soviet magazines would hardly have dared to post!

Fotografiya 66 Oldrzhih Karasek. Kann 1965 Practice
Oldrich Karasek. Cannes - 1965 (Praktisiks)

In general, the almanac breathes with creative freedom, European spirit and the desire to get away from ideological dogmas and attitudes. The naked body, the theme of religion, abstractionism - all this was so unlike the content of Soviet photo magazines!
Of course, the "line of the party and government" was traced in "Photo 66" - but it looked more like a kind of ransom to censorship.
By the way, about the price. In the Soviet Union, an almanac could only be bought for two rubles. Decent price for periodicals! See what you could buy for two rubles in those days. Naturally, the cost of the publication was not accidental - it was one of the forms of censorship, so that such printed products could not be affordable for ordinary workers.
The volume of the almanac was 85 pages in a format of 24x30 cm (oh, if only they would have made it to the size of 24x36!)
We managed to post a lot of pictures - I start to upload the first of them, and then the turn of very interesting publications will come.

Fotografiya 66 Oldrzhih Karasek. At the Parisian vokzale
Oldrich Karasek. At the Paris train station

Fotografiya 66 Borodach. Lampy kombinirovannaya semka
Bearded man. Lamps - combination shooting

Fotografiya 66 Miro Gregor. Ogon nebo i zemlya Praktisiks 180
Miro Gregor. Fire, Heaven and Earth (Practisix-180)

Fotografiya 66 Per Hasselrot. Hasselblad 500C i Lejka M2
Per Hasselroth. Hasselblad-500C and Leica M2

Fotografiya 66 Gunar Binde. More film
Gunar Binde. Sea (film)

Fotografiya 66 Anatolij Papshin. Kamysh kristall
Anatoly Papshin. Reed (Crystal)

Fotografiya 66 Ivan Englih
Ivan Englikh

Fotografiya 66 Ivan Englih 2
Ivan Englikh

Fotografiya 66 Joseph Metlen. Shvejcariya. schaste
Joseph Metlen. Switzerland. Happiness

Fotografiya 66 Gjunter Kraus. FRG. Mat's child
Gunther Kraus. Germany. Mother with child

Fotografiya 66 Yaroslav Kun. Snapshot's film films
Yaroslav Kun. Film shot

Fotografiya 66 Ingemar Eriksson. Sweden. Molodaya ljubov
Ingemar Eriksson. Sweden. Young love

Fotografia 66 Bernard Lacoste. Francia. Profile
Bernard Lacoste. France. Profile

Fotografiya 66 Jule Eliksander. SShA. Captain
Julie Elixander. USA. Captain

Fotografiya 66 Olle Redge. Tanculka
Olle Redge. Dance

Fotografiya 66 Alexander Uzlyan. Tkachiha Valya
Alexander Uzlyan. Weaver Valya

Fotografiya 66 Vilem Rejhmann. 33
Vilém Reichmann. 3 + 3

Fotografiya 66 Yaroslav Kadlec. After pollovodya
Yaroslav Kadlets. After the flood

Fotografiya 66 Risto Lounema. Ulica. Hasselblad 500C Tele Tessar 500
Risto Lonema. Street. (Hasselblad 500C, Tele-Tessar 500)

Fotografiya 66 Vilem Rejhmann. Myach
Vilém Reichmann. Ball

Fotografiya 66 Otmar Gek. Shvejcariya. U reki
Otmar Huck. Switzerland. By the river

Fotografiya 66 Zoltan Garagos. Romania. Betonshhik
Zoltan Garagos. Romania. Concrete worker

Fotografiya 66 Yaroslav Vanya. Veselaya palatka
Yaroslav Vanya. Fun tent

Fotografiya 66 Sighard Libe. GDR. i ne zabud pisat
Sighard Liebe. GDR. ... and don't forget to write!

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