The Carl Zeiss Jena MC Sonnar 180mm f / 2.8 is a lens that primarily impresses with its size. It can only be compared with Tair-3.

For fun, I put a medium format Carl Zeiss Jena MC Sonnar 180mm f / 2.8 next to a Canon FD 200 / 2.8, a narrow format telephoto lens. The result is below.

Carl Zeiss Jena MC Sonnar 180 mm f / 2.8

Now about the picture
The lens has a very, very smooth blur pattern in the area hips... If the aforementioned Canon draws at times spontaneously, unpredictably, with bold strokes - then Carl Zeiss Jena MC Sonnar 180 mm f / 2.8 is guaranteed to give out in the zone hips something extremely calm and smooth ...
Personally, I am not very fond of this characteristic (but this, I emphasize, is a purely individual perception).

Carl Zeiss Jena MC Sonnar 180 mm f / 2.8

The lens is sharp enough from open apertures. Chromatic aberrations are sometimes present and are presented in the form of a purple border. The lens is reliably protected from side light by an impressive hood, while it copes relatively well with back light. By the way, I note that, in my opinion, the diaphragm blades could be matted even more - according to my feelings, they can give a flare when diaphragm covered.
The aperture control ring rotates so easily that it can sometimes be easily knocked off the desired value and not noticed. The focusing ring is comfortable and wide.

Sonnar 180 mm f / 2.8 sample photo

By the way, a whole series of such Zonnars was released. They say that their optical design is identical, and the version with MC, due to multi-coating, simply has better microconstitutions and resistance to backlight. The rendered picture, by its nature, fully corresponds to the optical scheme of the "Zonnar". I repeat that the figure given by this sweat scheme is not very close to me, the only exception is Jupiter-8.



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