The first thing that strikes you about this photographic lens is the weight. It is even strange to expect such a weight in hand from such a compact glass ...

Canon FL 135mm f / 2.5 began to delight from the very first frames.
Sharp and somehow especially light in drawing, light - I just wanted to write "transparent". It is easy to breathe with this lens, it is good for them to shoot in April - these thin delicate twigs, with the currents of life spilling out inside ... The lens subtly distinguishes the model from the background and at the same time does not offend anyone. The model remains the main one, and the background, without losing its dignity, continues to play the role of the necessary plan in the frame.
Canon FL 135mm f / 2.5 - positive lens. I'm not sure if it can be used to convey drama, conflict or anxiety. And is it worth it? It was created for childhood, girlhood, spring! Here's a paradox: the lens is heavy, and the drawing is light ... Well, now a little service information.
HA hardly bothers.
Eight aperture blades are conveniently adjustable with two ribbed tabs on the rim
The lens hood will not interfere! I shot with a lens hood, but anyway. see what happened. Although ... this rainbow entered the frame quite organically!
I would like to express my gratitude for the provided lens to Andrey Spirin. 

Canon FL 135mm f / 2.5 sample photo

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