The specified glass is striking, first of all, by its size. Anyone who has picked up an L-class autofocus fifty kopecks will be simply amazed at the discrepancy between the sizes of the two "elek". However, this is where size doesn't matter ...

It is hardly worth mentioning that the Canon FD 50mm f1.2L is built very solidly and is pleasant to hold in your hands. The letter "L" has never been used just like that. I will only add that 8 aperture blades have lens very high quality, "dull" matted. All control rings rotate exceptionally smoothly. Well, now let's move on to the optical characteristics.

At full aperture, the lens is VERY sharp. Yes, it was not by chance that I highlighted this characteristic in capital letters. Shooting with the Sony A7 Mark II and using the focusing magnifier, you can see the smallest pores on the model's skin.

Chromatic aberration in lens fixed well enough. You have to try very hard to sometimes have faint magenta lines around contrasting white objects.

Canon FD 50mm f1.2L color rendering is excellent. I can safely say that the color rendition of the modern fifty kopeck piece and its film ancestor is equally pure, rich, and alive. Colors are natural, especially fresh greens and blues.

Concerning hips, then against a too variegated background it becomes, in my opinion, somewhat "nervous", twitchy, disorderly. Background swirling is practically not observed. Vignetting is subtle.

The lens holds the backlight quite well, but here it should be mentioned that I always use a hood during my tests. No matter how high-quality the multi-coating is, the hood remains an essential attribute for me during photography.

Below are pictures taken at full aperture. It is clear that when it is closed, all optical problems will become completely invisible.

Canon FD 50mm f1.2L sample photo

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