Fog is great for shooting. It is with the help of fog that you can turn a familiar landscape into a scene from a horror movie. I love fog at night. It perfectly diffuses light from street lamps and windows of houses. Using long-boring angles in the fog, you can achieve new results.


Any technique can be used for shooting in fog. I use cameras Canon, however, the technique decides a little here. For some photos, it is better to have a tripod with you, especially if your technique is not capable of shooting at high ISO without an acceptable noise level.


The settings can be used differently, depending on the result that is needed, and on the location. If you need a lighter frame, the shutter speed is slower, if it is darker, the shutter speed is faster. Need a high depth of field - close the aperture to f16 and focus ns to the nearest point. Shooting with a tripod will also avoid shake when using a slow shutter speed.


A tripod for shooting in fog we use what is available. If there is no tripod, and there is a question of purchase, then we take it with a metal head and connections, these will last a long time. An example of a good and inexpensive tripod is the continent ht-1. Metallic a little less than completely. Withstands merciless exploitation. For better stability, you can use the standard tripod hook to make it heavier.

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