A good idea for advice to a budding photographer is to start by collaborating and looking for like-minded people. The market has already decided so much that it is quite difficult for one to break through if you do not have enough acquaintances, or the talent to acquire new connections. As a whole, it is very important to cooperate with whom. If you have good acquaintances who, for example, have a cafe, you can take this as a starting point.

If there are no such acquaintances, then you can find the same beginner, or already a practitioner, and offer him a joint venture. Create any game nowadays it is welcome, and if this game carries some kind of useful character, then doubly. Content is easier to do with two, three, a crowd. It is best to initially get together in a team. Host, photographer, videographer, novice designer, organizer. If you are planning to do business, then this will be the best. For your clients, you can provide a full range of services in one place, as well as accompany the transaction from the conclusion of the contract to the transfer of material or special stages.

What to do alone? Well, if you don't know anyone? Start photographing people you know, for example. Start an instu and collect a portfolio. Word of mouth gives better results for promotion than advertising for money. Which are usually not particularly at the start. With the passage of time, it turns out that everyone around you knows as a photographer. And not only your acquaintances, but also the acquaintances of acquaintances will contact you.

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