Filming of matinees, in kindergartens and schools.

We shoot matinees

As a rule, a matinee is in the morning. Many small models who are accustomed to a certain circle of people, and seeing you as a photographer, can be greatly distracted from direct participation in the action. If the room and the camera allows, it is better to use a telephoto lens for filming, so as not to limit yourself to one shooting area, and not to strain the children with your presence.

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We shoot graduation in schools

Most likely, when trying to negotiate, you will stumble upon the fact that your place has already been taken. Most of these photographers do not have a special talent for photography, and of course you have a chance.

But the main factor is the director's commission. And you, as a potential competitor of the "in-house" photographer, may try to wring your hands (metaphor).

Since this is a good feeder for leadership in the person of a director, etc. institutions, then you can get there only by rigidly dumping your part of the earnings. Well, or through friends. Or acquaintances of acquaintances. Well, or run headlong into a newly built kindergarten and offer cooperation. It is easier with institutes - even if there is no way to get hold of a link, students themselves periodically survey the vastness of the Internet, or ask friends, for cooperation. This is your chance.) Peak activity is late spring - mid summer.

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