Lesson for an amateur. But where to start as a beginner photographer? In clubs you can both find the first admirers / clients, and grab them in the face. The latter, of course, does not happen very often. My first trip to the club turned out to be a broken off mount for an external flash. It, of course, was successfully replaced, but the residue remained. But you can not get off so easily. In any case, money, albeit small, is paid for going to clubs, and there is work all the time. If you have a desire, a steady hand, a technique that works well in a darkened room, you can try to start by contacting the Geometry.ru branch in your city. Well, or to the clubs themselves. Shooting is mainly a reportage with elements of staging.

At the exit, as far as I remember, at least 100 photographs of acceptable quality should be obtained. Depends on the level of the establishment, and the spacer provided by the photographer.

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Photo equipment for shooting in the club

Better to have an external flash, a fast lens, and a low-noise matrix at high values ISO... For example, the Canon 6D + EF 35mm f \ 1.4 L + ex580 bundle is just that. However, in some places it will be more convenient with a 24-70 \ 2.8 L zoom lens. A set of focal lengths in one lens will allow you to shoot even in tight spaces.

  1. Sigma 17-50mm f / 2.8 AF EX DC OS HSM
  2. Canon 16-35 f / 2.8 II L USM
  3. Canon 24-70 f / 2.8 L USM
  4. Canon EOS 6D
  5. Canon EOS 70D
  6. Canon 7D
  7. Canon 7D mark II

Nevertheless, not everyone has the finances for such a kit, and in the clubs you can find both 1100-18th Canon models (and analogs from Nikon), and even something like the 55D. The main thing is to replace the whale lens with something more practical, because with the stock 60-17 there will be a lot of noise, shake, and incomprehensible highlights. I had to suffer with my Canon 50D and Sigma 2.8-18mm f \ 55, and with the kit XNUMX-XNUMX I shouldn't even meddle.

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In the club, for the most part, we have to convey the atmosphere of the institution and show, in fact, how interesting it is.  to thump  spending time with friends.


When using a camera, do not forget about the dangers of the club's laser illumination - there are a couple of accurate hits on the matrix, and there is no matrix (which means that you have gotten to an expensive camera repair. For small towns it is a disaster). In general, if you get used to it, earnings can reach the levels of some shop assistants), but you can't jump above your head, as they say, - one fine day, such shooting may get bored. In order to diversify ordeals, you can go a little further - celebrations, anniversaries, holidays, matinees, graduations and the like. By the nature of the work, they will be more in line with the clubs. The difference is in the contingent, and in the fact that here you will have to work more closely with the customer.

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