High-quality food photography is such a know-how in the Russian outback. Basically, beginners try to bomb schools, kindergartens, children's rooms, and so on, which seems much easier to them than some kind of incomprehensible mess with food. However, a restaurant or cafe is what people usually choose first, and then they go to look for a photographer and other people. First, determine the location. In large cities, the support of transactions is mostly trusted by organizers, or event agencies, it is quite problematic to get into cooperation with which from the street. Especially if no one knows you and the corresponding acquaintances, as if not. Therefore, you can get into this topic ... by offering food photography for restaurants, cafes and other establishments. This article is not a guide to photographing food, this is a separate, confusing direction, and in large cities there are even special people who can arrange everything as it should, and in Feng Shui, and you just have to shoot. In general, the work of a photographer in a group is purely technical.

Usually in the team, the photographer is assigned the role of filming and processing. Even retouching is done by specially trained people. But in our reality, everything, of course, is far from the case. A photographer of any direction in the Russian Federation, as a rule, this is not only a push button, who knows how to handle a camera and has read a couple of booklets about building perspectives, but also a retoucher, organizer, stylist, and so on, so on, so on. It all depends on the desire to earn a photographer, and the desire to save money from the client. Larger organizations require higher quality. Small - high quality for "free". Well, as a last resort, for the "thank you".

But there is always a student with a phone who can rent it cheaper. The threshold for entering food photography is very high, however, no one forbids you to play with light and food in your kitchen. In general, chemical products that do not participate in food preparation at all give the best color and tastier images. That is, vegetable or olive oil is substituted for motor oil. As crazy as it sounds, the motor oil in the photo looks tastier. More glare, has a juicy color. By covering the pasta with hairspray, you can create a sense of heavenly beauty in such a seemingly mundane dish.

As a rule, restaurants that have been on the market for a long time have their own well-established ties with photographers. Start by putting together a portfolio and then suggest to different cafes.

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