Despite the fact that many do not like to share photos from the shooting, there may be your potential clients among those to whom you later send the photo in person. They just hesitated to come up to you and ask, for example. So what I mean. When filming even commerce, it is best to find out the maximum of those present at this event, and do not forget to share with them a couple of frames with their participation. Necessarily successful. It so happens that orders arrive from the people to whom you sent the photographs, a year and a half or two ago, and they suddenly had an event to which they want to invite ... just you.

A good plan is to find performers from the event. The Internet allows you to instantly exchange messages, and sometimes people do not immediately go to choose a photographer, but rely on the taste of the organizer / designer / wedding salon / restaurant. For some reason, very rarely come people who start looking for a photographer earlier than, for example, booking the same restaurant. So, filming a wedding, the set of performers is something like this:

  • Restaurant owner
  • Visagiste
  • DJ
  • Leading
  • Decorators
  • Videographer
  • Waiters
  • Drivers

A restaurateur, if he comes across, can take a portrait right at the event, usually they are present there. This is, as a rule, the restaurant administrator, or his deputy. They will also use good photos of the interior without guests for promotions, but with the table setting already completed. Therefore, it would be a good idea to come to the restaurant earlier than guests and newlyweds in order to shoot the interior and serving. Also during this period, you can catch the waiters, and make photos with them. Each action takes no more than 5 minutes. Would you agree that spending 5-15 minutes on promotions for your potential colleagues in order to get the favor of these people is not a bad thing? After all, it may then turn out that these same people will recommend you in the first place, or they themselves will use your services.

We do the same with the rest of the participants' personalities. You can also remove them during operation. They have good pictures, and you - like and promotion. The main thing is not to forget to throw off the photos.

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