“You need photographs, I’m at work, these are work clothes” - this is how a hired photographer answered a comment about his appearance at one of the weddings. He contrasted very strongly with the guests. A stretched and dirty T-shirt, frayed jeans, and almost ripped sneakers. Plus, a constantly sullen face. The photographer was picked up by the bride's mother, but the groom didn't really care. In general, leaving outside reflections on the tastes of clients, I came across this idea. If you are invited to an event, the participants of which will look like royalty at a reception at Buckingham Palace, then it is better, nevertheless, both ethically and in terms of further promotion, to dress like a guest. No less and no more. Disguising as an environment is one of the components of a high-quality scout's work.

Why is it worth bothering so much about your appearance? Well, first of all, for example, at a wedding - you are a stranger to this circle of people. Here, most likely, no one knows you, and has never seen you. If you look like a guest at an event, then in terms of collecting content, it becomes much easier for you. You are perceived easier from afar, by your clothes. They are more willing to make contact. If you look like a loader Vasya from Pyaterochka and behave accordingly, then the attitude of the guests towards you will be appropriate. Photos can come out terrible, even if you have a camera for a million in your hands. How and what to wear - it's up to the stylist. It is necessary to look really, as part of the environment, than to significantly stand out from it.

Check in advance about the presence of a dress code at the event so as not to get into trouble.

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