Very often, in conversations with my so-called partners in the field, I come across expressions like “they won't pay me there, I won't go there”. It’s like working without pay, it’s a terrible act. But we all know perfectly well that to maintain the necessary level of professionalism in the field of photography, unless, of course, you were born with built-in knowledge about photography, you constantly need practice. After all, training consists not only in going to courses and listening to the next lecture, but also in constant shooting and processing. Cutting off proposals to shoot without payment, you automatically, as it were, refuse to advance and pump your skill. These are always new people, new acquaintances, new connections. Even if the work is not on the profile. For a photography beginner, I would advise you not to give up filming without payment. Shoot a particular genre, reportage, portraits, get a couple of clients for the future.

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