In family photography, as a rule (in my understanding), we must show that a family is really a family. If a married couple without children - shooting can resemble in its own image and likeness of love story. If a married couple with children, it is better to focus on children and their relationship with their parents. However, if the photo shooting takes place with the whole family (grandmothers, grandfathers, mother-in-law and father-in-law, and other participants in family relations), then it is better, of course, to have certain blanks both in the head and in the smartphone. The obligatory part is shooting the whole family.

When these shots are taken, you can divide the participants in the shooting into groups. Children with parents, grandchildren with grandmothers, grandmothers with their children, and so on. Obligatory photographs of the head of the family, then their wives, then we make a mix of all the people present at the shooting. In this regard, shooting is similar to a wedding photo session, in which everyone becomes the participants in the photo session. Guests, newlyweds, and their family members are sure to be present in the photo. Both individually and all together. In this regard, it can be difficult for a photographer if he does not know how to manage a large number of people. But preparations will come to the rescue in the form of pre-planned actions. So, how to shoot a large family (studio):

  • Taking photos of grandfathers
  • Grandmothers
  • Children
  • Grandsons
  • Grandmothers with children
  • Grandparents
  • Married couples separately and all together
  • A common photo of everyone who came to the shooting
  • If you brought pets, then do not forget about them.
  • Children can be occupied with some kind of game, or ask parents / grandparents to play with them. In the end, they know better than to occupy and distract their children from a photographer with a camera. Naturally, do not forget to shoot all this movement.
  • Separately portraits of all who came
  • Joint photos for some activity (leafing through books), decorating a Christmas tree, using other interior in the studio.
  • The head of the family can be seated in a chair, and all the rest can be placed next to him.
  • Children will be less constricted if their parents play with them. The main thing is not to blow the studio to hell.

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Some studios do not allow more than 5 people into the shooting area; this point should be clarified in advance.

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