The Sony FE 50mm f/2.8 Macro is a great sharp macro lens. With lightning fast focus

Sony FE 50mm f / 2.8 Macro. Just make a reservation: I use it with a Sony 6500 crop. Vignette is completely absent. Sharpness is 100% satisfied, colors are correct if the balance is correct. At a scale of 1: 2, there are no questions to the lens. Excellent for photographing subjects. From a sufficient distance, you can get quite decent views. Depending on the distance of the object, there is a Focal Length switch, which speeds up the process. Excellent resolution across the entire field of the frame, Even in the corners (on the crop), the picture is obscenely sharp, Convenient focal length... Allows you not to frighten off the insect, Pleasant hips for portraits, although for women it is rather harsh, but this is compensated by the engine in the lightroom, Accurate focusing.
When shooting at 1: 1 scale, small depth of field. If the side pea on the ladybug is in focus, then you can already find fault with the sharpness of the eye, the slightest shift of the object - going out of the sharpness zone, because of this it is difficult to shoot even in the breeze. In addition, with such a phased array, glass requires more light. Often it does not focus close, moving the lens for a long time, even on sufficiently contrasting targets, It takes time and nerves when focusing on the handbrake, it can be easier to move a little or move away with the shutter button already half-pressed, catching focus, although the shutter does not always work in these cases. I compare with canon 60mm, It was terribly soapy around the edges and focused at random, there was no autofocus on the macro, as lucky in portraits, depending on the lighting and the phase of the moon. Sonya, on the other hand, gets into sharpness in portraits with lightning speed and accuracy. If I shoot a moving insect, then I use tracking focus.
A comment:
You have to be prepared that you cannot shoot well in passing, from a minimum distance. But if everything worked out with the result, you will be satisfied. Still, I would not recommend this lens to a person with a lack of patience.

Sony FE 50mm f / 2.8 Macro Specifications

Macro Lens Aperture F2.80 Minimum diaphragm F16 Sony E mount Automatic focusing
Macro mode Number of elements / groups of elements 8/7 Number of fine elements 1 Number of aperture blades 7 Dimensions (D x L) 70.8 x 71 mm Weight 236 g Minimum focusing distance 0.16 m Minimum focusing distance in macro mode 0.16 m Zoom in macro mode 1 Diameter thread for 55 mm filter Protection against moisture, against dust

Sample photos on Sony FE 50mm f / 2.8 Macro

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