RAW is raw information from a digital camera matrix, which is saved in full and, as a rule, is then processed in image processing programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom. The main reason for shooting in RAW is that by applying different color profiles as well as changing settings, you can get a much better image than shooting in JPEG.

The power of RAW.

As an example. Shooting in JPEG, I could not do anything with this frame. However, the format comes to our rescue, which is essentially pure data from the camera matrix. It is he who saves in most filming in difficult conditions (situations are different).Camera Raw 3Camera Raw 2

With this format, it turns out to pull out the color in very difficult cases. RAW is larger than JPEG. Various manufacturers have the RAW format extensions:

  • .CR2 (Canon)
  • .NEF (Nikon)
  • .ARW (Sony)

For viewing, it is usually opened by the built-in means of the operating system, but it is better to view and immediately edit in programs for processing.

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