Canon EF 24-70 is Canon's highly demanded and popular zoom today. A versatile lens for the job, offering a range of popular focal lengths for Canon's EF mount full-frame sensor formats.

Canon EF 24-70 2.8 L USM review

The Canon EF 24-70 is the continuation of Canon's L-series range of versatile zoom lenses. 28-80mm f / 2.8-4 L... But, unlike the 28-80, the 24-70 has a set of focal lengths shifted towards a wide angle, better backlight performance, smaller dimensions and weight. Also, the aperture is constant at all focal lengths. Its maximum open aperture of 2.8 means it can be operated in low light conditions over the entire focal length range.

Canon EF 24-70

Canon EF 24-70 2.8 L USM in use

The lens housing is combined, metal and plastic. The bayonet has a rubber skirt that protects the bayonet connector from splashes. The diameter of the thread for light filters is 77 millimeters, on the new version it is already 82 millimeters filters have a high cost, however, 82mm is not much cheaper. The lens has a retractable design, while the front lens does not rotate. A potential vacuum cleaner, although it has a waterproof design. The trunk of the lens extends when you change the zoom position to a wide angle.


Focusing lens instantaneous across the entire focal length range, however, as seen on 28 – 80, and at 24-70 times, strange behavior may appear at the far end of the focal length scale. At times, my copy cannot focus, I have to retreat a millimeter from the extreme position of the zoom.

Canon EF 24-70

Depth of field, sharpness and color

The lens is sharp, but not as sharp as the prime lenses at the same focal lengths. This is fine. 24-70 of the second version has already caught up with the sharpness of Canon fixes, assembled according to the schemes of the 80s). The lens can be called soft painting.

canon ef 24 70 f2.8 21

Despite the fact that 24-70 has long been replaced by the lens of the second version, which is a pleasure to use, the first version lens does not lose its position in the ranking of the most popular zooms. Why? Because the lens incorporates the best of L-class optics.

Canon EF 24-70

When working in contrast, flares appear, if you contrive, you can achieve a drop in contrast and image detail (we do not grab the sun in the frame!). A massive hood protects the lens from oblique sunlight, but this tube can be outsmarted and get terrible image quality on the output. Don't do that.

Canon EF 24-70

The bokeh of the lens is not to say that it has artistic blur, but it allows you to quite well separate the subject from the background. Color rendering lens at the proper level, from the noticeable aberrations in photographs during post-processing, you can, nevertheless, see purple halos in the area of ​​contrasting transitions, however, as usual, this is easily removed during photo processing (if you do not gesture at all).

Purchase recommendations

Since these lenses are used by many weddings and reporters, rented and rented, 24-70 are very difficult to find alive. Have lens there are constructive sores, such as a change in the curvature of the depth of field, its uneven distribution over the field, and so on. Such problems arise with intensively used lenses, since mechanical elements (bushings, washers) wear out, and in our reality, from bad lens easier to dispose of than to service. It is worth thoroughly testing the purchased lenses for any drawbacks.

Canon EF 24-70


Sample photos from Canon EF 24-70 USM


The lens can be safely called a lens for all occasions, and in addition to it, it has a wide angle in the form Canon 16-35mm and telephoto 70 – 200, you can close in general all the focal lengths that can only be useful in everyday life (we do not consider various other options for a specific and narrow range of applications).

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