A rare lens that has good quality at a very reasonable price. Despite its fierce antiquity, it is a good alternative to modern autofocus variolensм.

Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L. General

The lens was produced for only 2 years. Does not have a dust and moisture protection. At the same time, the Canon 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 lens was produced without the L index and the red stripe. Visually, the lenses are similar, optically they are not.

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Diagram of the Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L lens

Consists of 16 elements in 14 groups, 2 elements of which are made of fluorite glass.

Specifications Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L

A type: telephoto zoom lens with autofocus and variable focal length
Focal length: adjustable range 50-200 mm
Focusing: Possible with AF / M switch, adjustment not possible in autofocus mode
Zoom adjustment: piston zoom adjustment, marks 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, 135mm and 200mm
Closest focusing distance: 1,2 m
MACRO setting: indicated with switch M
Maximum magnification: 0,23X
AF drive: AFD (Arc Focusing Drive)
Infrared tags: 50 mm, 70 mm, 135 mm
Viewing angle (35mm equiv.): 47 ° 41 ′ - 12 ° 19 ′
Aperture range: f / 3.5 - f / 22
Minimum diaphragm: f / 22 - f / 29 (camera dependent)
Design lens: 16 elements in 13 groups with two fluorite glass elements
Lens Coating: Super spectra
Filter Diameter: 58 mm, front mounting
Diaphragm: 8 petals
The weight: November 690, XNUMX
Production: introduced in 1987, produced from 1988 to 1990
Accessories: lens hood lens - ET-62, cover lens - E58 (AFD); hard case - LH-C19; soft case ES-C17

Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L in use

Chassis lens made of textured and non-marking plastic, painted black. Ring bayonet metal. The focusing ring is plastic, the zoom is carried out by moving the central part lens... A nuance noted in the work of Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L is self-zooming when carrying. There is no zoom lock, so you need to be careful and careful.

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The procedure for changing the focal length

The Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L focal length range covers the popular ones. To scale when cropping, just move or move the zoom ring towards you. This is how the piston type of zoom is realized, which is rarely seen on the lenses produced. I found this type of zooming convenient. At first it’s unusual, but then you realize how much this type of change in scale is faster than the currently accepted circular one. There are marks on the body for setting the focal length without looking through the viewfinder. 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, 135mm and 200mm are marked. When using the zoom ring, the lens unit extends.

canon ef 50 200mm f3.5 4.5l liveviewer.ru 52


Focusing Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L automatic, performed using a micromotor. Ring travel is short, focus adjustment is not possible in Auto mode. Manual focusing is available with a switch on the body lens... With the same switch, you can select the minimum focusing distance, thereby cutting off unnecessary at the time of use lens, search range. The autofocus motor, the so-called Arc Focusing Drive, makes a very loud noise during operation. None of the city birds ignored this moment. Focusing is noisy and long. Very long by modern standards. The front lens rotates when focusing. Critical when using a fixed polarizing filter.

The Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L focusing ring has a direct drive, so its sharpness and lightness in manual mode is initially put into a stupor, because this feature is unique to Canon's cheap line of EF-s lenses. On the case lens there is a window that displays the focusing distance. Near the window there are marks for taking pictures in the infrared range, as well as for calculating the depth of field.

canon ef 50 200mm f3.5 4.5l liveviewer.ru 55


Aperture y lens has 8 petals, highlights in hips not perfectly round. The Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L aperture is electronically controlled and can also be called loud.

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Depth of field control

Aperture and depth of field control in Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L is carried out from the camera. DOF preview is available if the camera supports the DOFV. In the younger line of Canon cameras, this function is assigned to the SET button in the additional settings (Custom Functions, C.Fn), in the older ones it is assigned to a separate button on the camera body. By default, in older models, DOFV is assigned to the button near bayonet... The depth of field is thin enough to be able to cut off the subject from the background when open.

canon ef 50 200mm f3.5 4.5l liveviewer.ru 24


Smooth, but blurring of the background with the Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L is not total, even in the open. However, it is at least unreasonable to demand total background blur from a telephoto camera made in 1988, with the widest aperture of f / 3.5. Relative aperture y lens varies depending on the focal length. At the far end, it becomes f / 4.5, which does not add any advantages to the lens, especially when working in low light.

canon ef 50 200mm f3.5 4.5l liveviewer.ru 34


Strong chromaticism haunts with Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L everywhere, blue halos on contrasting transitions are difficult to remove in a photo editor during post-processing. The closer to the edge of the frame, the stronger the HA. Despite Super Spectra coating and green front lens. Distortion was seen in the body position at the far end. Corrected in post-processing.

canon ef 50 200mm f3.5 4.5l liveviewer.ru 29


Vignetting on a full frame camera will be noticeable at all focal lengths, and quite strong. On the crop, since a smaller area of ​​the lenses works, in fact, it is not noticeable.

Sharpness, contrast, color

Sharpness is good in all modes, I liked the color rendition, the contrast does not sag much when working in backlight and side light. Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L forgives mistakes, but it's worth remembering about its weaknesses and not relying on RAW.

canon ef 50 200mm f3.5 4.5l liveviewer.ru 41

Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L body and build quality

Good build quality. Despite the lack of dust protection, very little dust was found in the lens space of the Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L. And this is from 1988. The ease of the focusing ring and some backlash can be attributed to the applied autofocus system. USM appeared a bit later.

Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L pros

Good value for money. Slow autofocus speed and loud operation does not interfere with the lens to produce a high-quality picture.

Use on modern cameras

Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L thanks to bayonetEF is approved for installation on both film cameras and modern cameras EF (-s). On the crop will have EGF over all focal lengths multiplied by 1.6. That is, at 50 mm, the part that would correspond to an 80 mm lens in a full frame is available for review.

canon ef 50 200mm f3.5 4.5l liveviewer.ru 49

Alternatives Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L

Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5

Elki's contemporary, produced in parallel. It has slightly worse characteristics, but since it is found on the market quite often, it can attract attention due to its low price and coverage of popular focal lengths.

Canon EF 70-200 f / 4 L

Better picture quality than Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L, constant fixed diaphragm at all focal lengths, white body color. USM motor with full time manual focus (manual adjustment in auto mode). About 2 times more expensive.

Canon EF-s 55-250 f / 3.5-5.6

The lens that came with some of the shipping options for Canon cropped cameras with bayonetohm EF-s. The image quality corresponds to the (lower) price.

Tamron 70-200 f / 2.8 SP Di AF Macro

Best fixed diaphragm over the entire range of focal lengths, a little heavier, faster. Priced between Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L and Canon EF 70-200 f / 4.


Examples of photos,
Canon EF 50-200 f / 3.5-4.5 L

Shot with Canon 300D


The lens gives a high-quality picture even on modern digital cameras. If you close your eyes to the noisy autofocus, and adapt to the pump system for setting the focal length, you can successfully shoot with the lens.


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