Exactly 10 years have passed since Mirrorless cameras appeared on the market, and OH GOD! Nikon released their Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras ( pronounced correctly NOT "Zed", but "Zii»! )

I immediately want to express condolences to all Canon owners! Hang on guys, maybe someday, when no one needs the fuck, Canon will also make a full-frame mirrorless camera!

Before I list all the features ( this word is not appropriate here, because there is nothing special in the new bzzk from Nikon) Nikon Z6 and Z7, you need to immediately stipulate a couple of important points!

Straight 1 in 1 like the Sony line))))
Straight 1 in 1 like the Sony line))))

YES, the cameras turned out to be good ( on paper, live it will be a little different, this is the first pancake), Nikon did everything logically, they took and copied the best mirrorless cameras on the market, this is for the moment Sony ( it's useless to argue with this, because only Sony has full frame and autofocus on the eye, and everyone who jerks off on FujiFilm because of the design or Olympus because of the size has nothing to cover at all) copied to the root, all the same and at the same price Nikon Z6 is 24MP for $ 2000 (like Sony A7III 24MP for $ 2000) and Nikon Z7 is 45MP for $ 3600 ( like Sony A7III 42MP for $ 3200). On the one hand the beaten track is right and good (it would be a shame to crap with your first mirrorless camera, as was the case with the Canon M1, but I must say Canon both in the M2 and in the M3 so ...)

On the other hand, WE were waiting for something new, because this is an event! The mastodon, the lump of photographic equipment, gave up and were forced to follow the path of progress that the users demanded! (Hi Canon) And to show that it's not in vain that you eat your bread for half a century, do at least something your way! At least some new technologies, approach, design, etc. And HERE, there is a product in which there is nothing new at all! So FUCK you need with your copy of Sony A7 ??? Nikon Z - brand new cameras for Nikon, there a bunch of childhood illnessesand no optics! And YEARS will pass until the native optics appears! Through the adapter, the quality is still not the same!

And there is still enough audacity to declare that they have reinvented and changed something there! Finally lost!

The caption shamelessly reads "Mirrorless Reinvented"
The caption shamelessly reads "Mirrorless Reinvented"

You have to understand that this is not Nikon's first attempt at monkeying! In 2012, Fujifilm has entered the MIRROR market with a new system! This was not just an EVENT! It was a bold, courageous step! Which subsequently changed the entire market! But then, the mirrorless market was not so wildly developing, DSLRs were on a horse ("thanks" Canon), and getting people to buy something else was not so easy!

This is something new with an eye on the classics!
This is something new with an eye on the classics!

Hats off to Fujifilm! They did incredible! They did what many photo enthusiasts wanted! They did fotik aesthetically beautiful and sexy, in a retro style! We took the body and style of the legendary Leica and put a modern digital camera with autofocus in it! This is what was missing in the mirror world! Rangefinders! Moreover, it was not stupid to copy the design, the approach to management and shooting philosophy has been reinvented! Aperture control on the lens is like in old planners, but the rest is from the 21st century, a very convenient symbiosis! It was also a new sensor, with a completely different color filter, etc. That was REINVENTION!

What did Nikon do? "Reinvented" the DSLR! Made in 2013 Nikon DF ! The whole re-invention was simply that the Nikon D600 had a retro style on the front! From behind it was an ordinary DSLR, everything is the same as everyone else! And of course - FUCK it did not fall to anyone and did not become popular, it sold poorly and the idea was abandoned!

Huge bandura in front resembling 80xx cameras
Huge bandura in front resembling 80xx cameras

I am not gloating in any way, I am for competition, only it drives progress and restrains prices! There is no sense in DSLRs, in the 21st century there is no, well, at all, and sooner or later, from the technology of SLR cameras of the 1950s, absolutely everyone will switch to mirrorless technology! It’s like it’s like using a push-button telephone in 2018, it’s like it’s calling and there is an advantage that it lives for a week, BUT the world has changed and the way people communicate has changed! They used mirrors now and before only because that Canon has dictated its terms in the market for the past 50 years and “what did they want»until I got fucked in the ass by Sony in 2016, and we see the consequences of this kick now! Nikon first surpassed Canon in full-frame sales in 2017! And now here in the largest market in North America, Sony ranked # XNUMX for full-frame sensor cameras!

The same camera that changed EVERYTHING! The first Sony A7
The same camera that changed EVERYTHING! The first Sony A7

In fact, it was Sony who showed the whole world that a mirrorless camera is not a toy, but a serious device, having inserted a large matrix into a small case! If this had not happened, we would not have seen Nikon Z and Canon R soon! But these cameras are still damp! And what to buy? An already fully tested Sony A7III or raw Canon / Nikon products - the question is obvious!

So that you understand why there is so much about Canon! It is the largest manufacturer of photographic equipment in the world, with the largest production volumes! Also the most generous bonuses for sellers! And when you go to the store, the FIRST thing they will try to sell you will be CANON! And naturally, the manufacturer does not want to change something, because it takes a lot of money, effort, and so on, because “may not fire"And then losses!

Nikon! YES REALLY !!!, image # 6

Moreover, the Canon slowed down progress as best it could! Launching the "World's Smallest DSLR" Canon 100D, Type XNUMXWhy do we need mirrorless cameras if DSLRs can be small! Aha, NOW! They can't, there is a full-frame mirrorless camera less than 100D!

YES, and it's not about the size! It is convenient when you see the frame before shooting! What you see is what you get! Why use an exposure meter from the 70s in the 21st century?!?! Can you imagine an iPhone that needs to learn how to set up to take a picture !? Technology should make life easier!

YES! I've been on Canon for 8 years! When in 2006 I was choosing a fotik! Only Canon had the best image quality due to the fact that they were the first to introduce technology for creating sensors such as CMOS, data is read faster, higher dynamic range, and less noise! The rest had CCD matrices! And then it really was innovation! Canon moved the market! Again, the full-frame camera was ONLY at Canon? and a lot of things! Naturally my first serious camera was Canon! Then there was 5DMKII with full-frame VIDEO and so on ... ..

And of course, let's not forget about Olympus / Panasonic - if not for them in 2008, then the release of Mirrorless could have been delayed even longer! YES kanesh were the first Epson r-d1 и Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 but really the attention of everyone was attracted by the little one Olympus PEN E-P1!

Nikon! YES REALLY !!!, image # 7

It was Olik who showed that the camera can be small, not serious, fun andto be the best camera - the one that is always with you in your pocket!

Of course, Sony has made a huge contribution with its full-frame mirrorless cameras! It was the Sony A7 that drove the nail into the coffin, old mirror technology! By showing that these are serious cameras, not toys!

But remembering 2013, when I bought a 5DMKIII, despite the changes in autofocus, the fotik remained at the 2008 level. Fortunately, I have been shooting non-commercial shots for a long time with the Sony NEX-5, and changed it to Fujifilm X-Pro1! And these cameras were comfortable, and gave a picture no worse than 5DMKIII !! Time passed, and Canon remained so in 2008! Yes, now they realized a little, Nikon got ahead of himself when he fucked up the full-frame camera market! But guys, it's too late)

Who is the new Nikon Z6 / 7 made for ???

When a new camera is made, should you clearly understand for whom it was made? After all, the market rarely forgives mistakes! Who are these users of the new Nikon system?

Probably the owners of Nikon DSLRs? Seems obvious, but let's think about it:

  • If you are a Nikon owner and purely Amateur and tired of carrying weights in the form of a Nikon 750 - the new product is not particularly lighter and practically not much smaller, plus there are no glasses, plus the battery is simply nothing compared to your D750, and autofocus! It makes no sense to take it!
  • If you are a Nikon owner and have outgrown your crop camera Nikon D3400, want the best quality and possibly do business! Or you already have a serious camera (such as B850) and are ALREADY doing business! TO PASS again, you need good autofocus and TWO FLASH DRIVES ( it is without options, if commercial shooting is short, then it is not professional!), well, the battery is a solvable issue, but the first two points cross out the whole point of Nikon I am for you!
  • If you are a Canon ownerthen why the fuck you raw Nikon? If you were not satisfied with something in Canon, then you have not bought Sony for a long time and are confidently sitting on it! For orthodox CanonISTS there is a Canon 5D MkIV, which is either already bought or for which they are saving, plus all kenonists are sitting and waiting (for the 10th year already) full-frame Canon mirrorless, someone, of course, decided to push it and switched to a Canon M mirrorless camera, cried and went to Sony or Fujifilm! The point is in Nikon Z, here either take a native full frame or go to the test Sony A7 of the 3rd generation!
  • If you are a Sony owner, relax! You can smile and breathe out, this Nikon Z is nothing to you at all! If you are serious about photography, if you have a second generation A7 or have a cropped Sony mirrorless camera, then A7 3 versions meet absolutely all requirements! Plus there is a park of lenses and it is already large, and there are even third-party manufacturers!
  • Panasonic / Olympus / Fujifilm - Well, there is absolutely nothing at all! If Panasonic is most likely a video, but there is either a GH series, or a Sony A7mIII! In other cases, you lose a lot in compactness - Olympus, and in the choice of lenses - Fijifilm! Nikon Z Generally Past here!

BUT let's say! You want your first camera you are tired of your smartphone and want to develop in photography and improve the quality of the picture, you do not need a DSLR (fuck it at all in the 21st century) !! And now you are faced with a choice of which system to choose:

Canon - the first thing on offer in the store (Canon gives the biggest bonuses to sellers!), here either DSLRs, cut down as much as possible in terms of functions and capabilities, here either the entry level (the worst on the market in terms of picture quality) or Canon 5DMKIV for RUB 170, while the camera is inferior to its competitors in almost everything! And everything else is a compromise, and high in price! Or mirrorless - Canon M - but here the lack of native optics, the lack of a full frame (no where to grow), a lot of optics for canon DSLRs, but the dimensions are not the same and the point is then a mirrorless? So not an option!

Panasonic / Olympus - well, either Panasonic IZZ Video only or needed tiny size, but again the smallest matrix is ​​the worst quality of all systems! Good optics for the price of a full frame! And there is nowhere to grow at all! Therefore, it is very specific, not at all for everyone!

Fujifilm - great system! Stylish trendy youth! Huge park of optics, sharpening on small size and top quality, a special matrix, and a certain philosophy! BUT there are many problems with the matrix, crappy video, and for beginners the cameras are either cut down, there is no viewfinder (it's hard to shoot in the sun), or very expensive from 50tr! And most importantly, there is nowhere to grow, there is no full frame and will not be ( no need about the average current format, cameras from 500tr are another niche), and advanced Fuji cameras are like a full frame in other systems! YOU should definitely understand, buying Fujifilm you will stay with the same picture forever!

Sony - great choice too! There are both excellent full-fledged models for 36tr - Sony A6000, and excellent (perhaps the best in its price) full frame Sony A7mIII, there is a multi-pixel A7RIII, and no alternative Sony A9! In general, there is room to grow with the Sony a6000 later! YES and the middle segment A6300 and A6500 - a choice for every taste! And optics are already a lot dear, if expensive then from Sigma! Plus unique tricks like focus on the eye and great video!

And here is such a Nikon Z6 / 7 - And there are no chips / features here, for the sake of why prefer it, and not all the others !? And most importantly, there is no option for beginners, the camera is very expensive from 150tr for the cheapest, and 250 for an expensive multipixel camera! A beginner will definitely not buy! Can be assumed - buy an entry-level Nikon D3400 DSLR, but when you grow out of it, you will need fast autofocus and TWO FLASH DRIVES - and Nikon Z has nothing to offer here! Perhaps you are inspired by the story about fast monsters !? Nikon 58mm F / 0.95 or Nikon 50 / 1.2 !!!! Dick bald! Nikon 58mm F / 0.95 will be WITHOUT AUTFOCUS and at a price of 360'000r (three hundred and sixty !!!), Sony has analogs 2-6 times cheaper! YES and Canon 50 / 1.2 works great through the adapter!

QUESTION - WHO IS THIS CAMERA FOR? It is completely incomprehensible! The price is inadequate and will definitely fall in 3-4 months due to the lack of demand!

New Nikon camera options

Absolutely identical parameters and prices, only there are no optics and glitches of the newborn system)
Absolutely identical parameters and prices, only there are no optics and glitches of the newborn system)

He will pay attention to the whole essence (SECURITY) of the manufacturer, who rests to the last against the introduction of a new one! One flash drive, only ONE, and, moreover, not a common SD, but a new expensive XQD format (invented by Sony)! A camera with one flash drive in a priori cannot be professional, this is a hint from Nikon to buy DSLRs, like this is the choice of the pros, and the new system is purely for amateurs! But in due time it was Nikon who stuck 2 flash drives into their not only professional cameras, but also amateur ones!

There is no eye autofocus! That would definitely be worth copying!

Nikon proudly declare that they have a chip! They made a mount bigger than anyone else with a full frame! This will allow you to collect more light!

A healthy hole, isn't it! In fact, an increase in light can only be obtained by increasing everything through which the light goes, that is, the lens will now also be larger!
A healthy hole, isn't it! In fact, an increase in light can only be obtained by increasing everything through which the light goes, that is, the lens will now also be larger!

As a result, it turns out that now high-aperture lenses will be even larger than those of DSLRs! Brilliant! Although it seems that we love mirrorless because of their compactness)

Bravo nikon! Brilliant! Let's, due to the fact that the camera has become smaller, increase everything else! Suddenly, who loves large DSLRs will pay attention!
Bravo nikon! Brilliant! Let's, due to the fact that the camera has become smaller, increase everything else! Suddenly, who loves large DSLRs will pay attention!

Well, what, seriously? And all Nikons? But the further the less and less something new comes! But on the horizon loom smartphones that sooner or later will completely cut out the giblets from the amateur photography market! And this will happen in the first place because the cameras do not keep up with the times! Say thanks to Canon / Nikon for such "innovations" that already in 2018, the amateur market for entry-level cameras (up to $ 500) has already gone to smartphones!

The question of the near future, when the camera will completely leave the amateur segment, and become a purely professional instrument!
The question of the near future, when the camera will completely leave the amateur segment, and become a purely professional instrument!

So Nikon Z is not any reinvention, no innovation, no concern for us users! Not trying to change anything! THIS IS STUPID understanding that the death of DSLRs is inevitable, and in order not to screw up the entire market in the very near future, Nikon jumped into the last car of the departing train ... ..

And the once-legendary Canon wants to say, guys, go get busy with your Printers, you are better at it ... .. But wait a minute, and often you print something in the world of the 21st century - displays and electronic document management :-)

I believe in the best, because it doesn't matter what you shoot, but how and what you shoot! And the rest are just pieces of iron!

Article author - Photographer Stanislav Ivanitsky
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