Helios 44-2

The most common variant of the entire series. The frame is similar to Helios-44, there are unpainted, painted, partially unpainted cases (“Minsk” monocyclic zebra). Manual iris control with preset ring, single-layer coating. 8 aperture blades. MDF 0,5 meters, working length 45,5 mm. Landing thread M42x1. Produced on KMZ, BelOMO, plant "Jupiter". Overview of Helios 44-2:

Helios-44-3 и MC Helios-44-3M

It differed from Helios-44-2 in a modified frame design. Manual iris control with preset ring, single-layer coating. 6 aperture blades. MDF 0,5 meters (MS Helios-44-3M has MDF 1.2m), working length 45,5mm. Landing thread M42x1. MS Helios-44-3M has multi-layered green tint. Development and release of BelOMO.


Only for f / a Zenit-7. Special diaphragm drive system. MDF 0,5 meters. KMZ production.


For f\a Zenit-D. Could be used on Zenit-7. Pressure diaphragm, bayonet, single-layer enlightenment. KMZ production.


Standard lens for experimental versions of Zenit-15 cameras. 58mm f / 2. (V. Suglob). Outwardly similar to "44M". KMZ

Gelios 44M1 1


(MC) Helios-44M, (MC) Helios-44M-4,  (MC) Helios-44M-5, (MC) Helios-44M-6, (MC) Helios-44M-7

  • No diaphragm drive switch. They differed from Helios-44-2 in a modified frame design. Manual aperture control, automatic control by means of a pressure mechanism, single-layer and multi-layer enlightenment. 6 aperture blades. MDF 0,5 meters. Lenses of mass production of the plant "Jupiter". Helios-44M-4 was subsequently recalculated by P.A. Lapin to use multilayer coating, which improved the light transmission and color reproduction of the lens. Production of KMZ, Plant "Jupiter", BelOMO.
  • With diaphragm drive switch. 6 aperture blades. MDF 0,5 meters. Lenses Helios 44M, Helios-44M-4, Helios-44M-5, Helios-44M-6 and Helios-44M-7 - mass production of the Jupiter plant, were divided into subtypes according to the actually measured resolution value. Production of KMZ, Plant "Jupiter".


Helios 44M maintenance articles:


G-44M is found on trading floors with and without MS, and a model with 50mm focal length, f / 1.8 and multi-coating. Versions of some models with multi-coating are less common than usual (44M, 44M-4). Production KMZ, Plant "Jupiter"

Gelios 44M1 2


Staffed for f / a Zenit-212K (bayonet Pentax), with and without auto-manual aperture mode switch. Calculated by P.A. Lapin. 6 aperture blades. MDF 0,5 meters, multilayer coating. You can put a back from a faulty 44M-4 (6, 7) and this lens will fit on the M42. KMZ production.

(MC) Helios-44MN, (MC) Helios-44KN

An experimental lens with two aperture blades and a square aperture was to be supplied with Zenit-122 cameras. But it didn’t grow together. KMZ production.

(MS) Helios 77M-4

Produced at the Valdai plant "Jupiter", the Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant. It has the best indicators of sharpness and resistance to backlight among Helios. Structurally - the same Helios 44M-4, but with a maximum aperture of 1: 1.8.


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  1. I have long wanted to buy a Helios lens, but I don’t know which one to choose. Please advise which lens is suitable for the Nikon 90 camera and do you need some kind of adapter for installation?

  2. Irina
    On D90, take the most affordable G 44-2 and an adapter thin m42-nikon 300 rubles
    infinity will not be (and it is not needed), but the subject, portraits, flowers can be removed and with a certain skill the picture on an open aperture and bokeh will be just class!

  3. I just bought Helios, though shabby, but he shoots great. I am not professionally engaged in shooting. But even in amateur photography, hunting is of good quality. Memory is for life, and my son was born. Hunt as many moments as possible.

  4. Finally I found an article where everything is correctly and clearly described about these lenses. Now it is clear which one is better to take.

  5. I really like the bokeh and softness of the picture in Helios. And where would you advise to buy a quality lens, if you can link ...

  6. The lens is actually very high quality and is more than suitable for professional photography. My friends gave it to me for my birthday. I am very pleased with the picture that these lenses give. As a photographer, even me was impressed.

  7. It is difficult to find and choose a quality lens that suits your needs, especially if you are not very versed in this. I didn’t think there are so many types of lenses.

  8. In Soviet times, having a Zenit camera with a Helios lens was considered prestigious. Such a camera cost about a hundred rubles.

  9. Yes, lenses from this manufacturer are much cheaper and time-tested. An amateur really shouldn't buy a cool 100 lens right away, but should try this line.

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