Rodenstock Heligon 1,9 / 50

This high quality normal lens is an outstanding optical device by the standards of the time. For technical reasons, interchangeable lenses for SLR cameras typically had a focal length greater than 50mm (Zeiss Biotar and Meyer Primoplan = 58 mm).

Rodenstock Heligon

The optical design consists of 6 lenses of classic Gaussian design. This version has an M42 connection and an automatic spring cover (lifting spring cover); it was produced in small series in the late 1950s.

Rodenstock Heligon

8 aperture blades provide a nearly circular opening.

Data: 6 lenses, M42 threaded connection, aperture value 1.9-16, field of view 48 °, filter thread M52, minimum focusing distance 0,6m.

Rodenstock Heligon 1,9 / 50 sample photo

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