When I was putting together my Kilfitt lens page in early December 2016, I came across this impressive long range Kilfitt Pan Tele-Kilar 4/300 mm Makro macro lens (2000g weight).

With this lens, the inventor of macro photography, Kilfitt, has created a special highlight - a long-range, high-light intensity lens that can be adjusted to the macro range. It can be used for 35mm and 6x6 format. This was not the case before. At a focal length of 300 mm, the MDF is 1,8 m. There is an adjustment of the focusing range with fixation.

Kilfitt Pan Tele Kilar 4 300 mm Makro 1956 primer foto obektiv 1

Data: 4 lenses, aperture 4 to 32 (lock + aperture preset), image angle 8 ° (35mm), 16 ° (medium format), close focusing distance 1,8m, Kilfitt connection that adapts to almost all systems cameras with adapters. The focus can be quickly adjusted with the rotary knob (if there is a lever).

Kilfitt Pan Tele Kilar 4 300 mm Makro 1956 primer foto obektiv 2

Kilfitt Pan Tele-Kilar 4/300 mm Makro, 1956 sample photo

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