ISCO Westagon 2 50mm ADB, 1954

One of the first interchangeable auto iris lenses! Chrome brass frame with black lacquered trigger handle.

ISCO Westagon 2 50 mm ADB 1954 1

6-lens high quality Gaussian design with 48 ° field of view and worm gear focusing. At the time, it was, along with the Schneider Xenon, one of the first SLR auto iris lenses.

ISCO Westagon 2 50 mm ADB 1954 2

Data: 6 elements, Exakta bayonet connection (later available for Edixa), fully automatic aperture 2.8-16, angle of view 46 °, filter thread M40.5, minimum focusing distance - 1 m.

ISCO Westagon 2.8 / 50 mm ADB, 1954 sample photo

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Olympus Evolt E-330

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