Cosina Company, Ltd. from Nagano, Japan, is a Japanese camera and lens manufacturer.

Cosina Company, Ltd. (株式会社 コ シ ナ or Kabushiki-gaisha Koshina) is a Japanese camera and lens manufacturer. The company was founded by B. Kobayashi in 1959 as an optical glass factory called Nikō (or Nikoh). Although the company manufactures cameras and lenses under its own name, it is better known for making equipment for resale under the brand names of other companies. Cosina manufactures bodies for many well-known camera brands including Canon, Contax, Nikon, Revue, Olympus, Vivitar and Yashica. Cosina also manufactures the modern Voigtländer, the Bessa line of cameras and optics, and recently revived the Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera and lenses.

Cosina has a long history of optical glass manufacturing and can currently produce glass and plastic aspherical lenses. Their factory maintains glass furance heated to 1300 ° C and operates 24 hours a day. All Cosina glass today is lead-free eco-glass. Current glass polishing technology achieves submicron precision. They also have the option of vacuum deposition of optical coatings that are certified according to Carl Zeiss lens standards.

In Germany, many Cosina cameras and lenses were sold by Photo Porst, which for many years has been Germany's largest photo and mail-order retailer under its Porst brand.

One of the most interesting designs of Kosin's chambers was the E1 Solar, released in 1994. Powered by rechargeable batteries charged by a small solar panel on the prism cover.

The new product under the Cosina brand was SW-107, identical to the (silver) Bessa L, with the exception of a different top plate made at the beginning of the Cosina Voigtländer era for regions where Cosina was not authorized to sell the Voigtländer trademark. 107 is hard to find right now.

In 2005, Zeiss and Cosina announced a partnership under which Cosina will manufacture the new Zeiss Ikon RF camera and most of the accompanying M-mount lenses.

126 format

  • Cosina Instant Matic N-284

35mm SLR

Mount K

  • Cosina C1
    Cosina C1s
    Cosina C2
    Cosina C3
    Cosina CS-1
    Cosina CS-2
    Cosina CS-3
    Cosina CT-1
    Cosina CT-1A
    Cosina CT1G (1982)
    Cosina CT1 Super (1983)
    Cosina CT1EX
    Cosina CT-2
    Cosina CT-3
    Cosina CT-4
    Cosina CT-7 (Computer CT 7)
    Cosina CT-7D
    Cosina CT9 (1986)
    Cosina CT-10
    Cosina CT-20
    Cosina E1 Solar
    Cosina PM-1


  • Cosina 1000S
    Cosina 4000S
    Cosina CSL
    Cosina CSM
    Cosina CSR (Vivitar XC-2)
    Cosina hi-lite
    Cosina Hi-Lite 202
    Cosina Hi-Lite 205
    Cosina Hi-Lite 402
    Cosina Hi-Lite 405
    Cosina Hi-Lite DL
    Cosina Hi-Lite DLR
    Cosina Hi-Lite HDL
    Cosina Hi-Lite EC
    Cosina Hi-Lite EC II
    Cosina Hi-Lite ECL
    Cosina SLR
    Argus / Cosina STL 1000

35mm compacts

  • Cosina 35 (rangefinder, same as Vivitar 35EE)
    Cosina 35 Compact E (Porst 135 S, Voigtlander VF 135. Konica C35.)
    Cosina Compact 35S (Vivitar 35CA)
    Cosina 35EE
    Cosina 35 FR
    Cosina AF-35
    Cosina CX-1
    Cosina CX-2
    Cosina CX5
    Cosina CX5f
    Cosina CX7
    Cosina CX70

35mm, Voigtlander

Cosina first began producing lenses under the Voigtländer brand in 1999, when it introduced 15mm and 25mm lenses for the Bessa L. Since its release, the 15mm lens was much smaller than any SLR lens of the same length and much cheaper than any compact one. Since then, the company has produced an amazing variety of these lenses with Leica screw mounts, M-mounts, Nikon S mounts (some are fully usable with Contax), as well as several SLR lenses (particularly for the M42 and Nikon F). Larger hoods are also available for many lenses and optional viewfinders. Although the lenses have the familiar Voigtländer names, all optical formulas are new.

Lenses М39

Without communication with the rangefinder

  • Heliar 12mm f / 5,6 ultra-wide aspherical lens with included metal viewfinder and black or chrome armalite hood. At the time of release, it was the widest lens ever sold.
  • Heliar 15mm f / 4,5 ultra-wide aspherical lens with integrated partial hood (no filter thread) and plastic viewfinder included, black or chrome
  • 25mm f / 4 Snapshot Skopar with plastic viewfinder and lens hood included, black or chrome


  • 18mm f / 4 Color-Skopar with lens hood, black (released as a prototype only)
    21mm f / 4 Color-Skopar with plastic viewfinder and lens hood included, black or chrome
    28mm f / 1,9 aspherical Ultron with Armalite hood, black or chrome. Unusually fast for a rangefinder of this length.
    28mm f / 3,5 Color-Skopar with lens hood, black or chrome
    Aspherical Ultron 35mm f / 1,7 with lens hood, black or chrome
    35mm f / 2.5 Color-Skopar with a single optical design, but with two barrel versions: "C" (with lens hood, black or chrome) and "P" (black only)
    Nokton 50mm f / 1,5 aspherical lens with hood, black or chrome
    50mm f / 2.5 Color-Skopar with lens hood, black or chrome
    Collapsible Heliar 50mm f / 3,5 with lens hood, chrome only (only available with Bessa T101)
    75mm f / 2.5 Color Heliar with lens hood, black or chrome
    90mm f / 3.5 APO Lanthar with lens hood, black or chrome

Rangefinder lenses, M-mount

All of them are associated with a rangefinder.

  • 21mm f / 4 Color Skopar (optically identical to the LTM 21/4)
    25mm f / 4 Color Skopar (optically identical to the LTM 25/4)
    28mm f / 2 Ultron
    35mm f1.2 Nokton. The fastest lens in its length.
    35mm f1.4 Nokton Classic (available in two versions: single-layer and multi-layer). Released 2008
    35mm f / 2.5 Color Skopar PII (optically identical to LTM 25/4)
    40mm f / 1.4 Nokton (in two versions: single-layer and multi-layer). The fastest rangefinder of its length.
    50mm f / 1.1 Nokton. Released May 2009
    Collapsible Heliar Classic 50mm f / 2 (only available with Bessa R2M or R3M)

Nikon S-mount Lenses

They are all rangefinder related and they were all available in a combination of black and silver. Wide-angle lenses were called "SC" and were sold as suitable for the old Contax mount and Nikon S mount. (In practice, telephoto lenses can be used with Contax if used at long focusing distances).

Contax lenses have not been produced since the end of Soviet lens production for Kiev, while Nikon S-mount lenses from companies other than Nippon Kōgaku have always been a rarity. In addition, the Cosina Voigtländer line includes lenses with focal lengths not available for these mounts.

  • SC lenses
    21mm f / 4 SC-Skopar
    25mm f / 4 SC-Skopar (rangefinder, versus screw-on equivalent)
    28mm f / 3,5 SC-Skopar
    35mm f / 2.5 SC-Skopar


  • Lenses S
    50mm f / 3.5 S-Heliar (only available with Bessa R2S with special paint)
    50mm f / 2,5 S-Skopar
    50mm f / 1.5 S-Nokton
    85mm f / 3,5 S-APO Lanthar

Lenses for 35mm SLR

These are all manual focus lenses. The original SL series was a redesign of the 1960s or 1970s (e.g. chrome metal focusing ring without rubber pads). They were produced in several versions: Nikon F, Canon FD, Minolta MD, M42, Pentax K, Contax / Yashica, Olympus OM. All are now (2007) out of production.

  • Ultron SL 40mm f / 2
    Color Heliar SL 75mm f / 2,5
    APO Lanthar SL 90mm f / 3.5
    Macro APO Lanthar SL 125mm f / 2.5
    APO Lanthar SL 180mm f / 4

For some Nikon SLR cameras that require mirror lockup and come with separate finders, and with the option of using an accessory shoe to replace the Nikon F or F2 finder:

  • 12mm f / 5,6 Heliar Aspherical Ultra Wide Angle Lens
    15mm f / 4,5 Heliar Aspherical Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Cosina sold an “FS” adapter for use with either of these lenses with a Nikon S or Contax mount, and an “FL” adapter for use with a Leica screw mount. Since 2007, and the new SLII line for Nikon F, Pentax K and Canon EOS is designed for use with digital cameras:

  • 20mm f / 3.5 Color Skopar aspherical SLII
    28mm f / 2,8 Color Skopar aspherical SLII
    40mm f / 2.0 Ultron aspherical SLII
    58mm f / 1.4 Nokton SLII (same optical design as Cosina "Auto-Topcor" 58 / 1.4)

An all-black finish, aperture stops, a rubber focusing ring (for Nikon F-mount) and a CPU adapter set the SLII lenses apart from their SL counterparts. The new SLII lenses are designated "N" and have a machined metal focusing ring. As of 2013, the Pentax K mount models are discontinued, while the Canon EOS and Nikon F mount models are still in production.

110 camera format

  • PF 5000

Cosina Lenses

  • Cosina-W MC 28mm f / 2.8, 49mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 100mm, f / 3.5, 49mm filter diameter
    Cosina-T MC 28-70mm f / 2.8-4.3, 67mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC 28-300mm, f / 4.0-6.3, 77mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 28-70mm, f / 4.0, 62mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 35-70mm, f / 3.5-4.5, 55mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 35-135mm, f / 3.5-4.5, 58mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 35-200mm, f / 4.0-5.4, 62mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 70-210mm, f / 2.8-3.8, 62mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 70-210mm, f / 4.5-5.6, 52mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 75-200mm, f / 4.5-5.6, 52mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 75-300mm, f / 4.5-5.6, 58mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 80-200mm, f / 4.5-5.6, 52mm filter diameter
    Cosina MC Macro 100-500mm, f / 5.6-8.0

Cosinon Lenses

  • Cosinon-W MC 24mm f2.8
    Cosinon Auto 28mm f2.8
    Cosinon Auto 35mm f2.8
    Cosinon Auto 50mm f1.7
    Cosinon Auto MC 50mm f1.7
    Cosinon Auto 50mm f1.8 and f1.9
    Cosinon Auto 55mm f1.4
    Cosinon MC 55mm f1.4
    Cosinon Auto MC 135mm f2.8
    Cosinon Auto MC 200mm f3.5
    Cosinon-T MC 200mm f4
    Cosinon-Z MC 28-50mm f3.5-4.5 zoom
    Cosinon-Z MC 35-70mm f / 3.5-4.5 zoom
    Cosinon-Z MC 80-200mm f4.5 zoom
    Cosinon MC 55-225mm f3.5-4.5 zoom MACRO 1: 2

Adapters for cameras and lenses

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