Using ZM-5A on modern cameras

On a full frame, the lens works as intended - it has a more flexible picture and characteristics corresponding to the declared ones. The easiest way to shoot is in the mode Aperture Priority (Av)when the camera adjusts the required shutter speed based on the current aperture value and the light in the frame.

The default camera mount is M42x1. Through an adapter, it fits without any problems on Canon 60D, 1Ds, Canon 600D, 300D, 1100D, film type EOS 620. It may not physically fit on some cameras, since not all manufacturers have the protrusion of the built-in camera flash located in a good way.

ZM-5A on the crop

On a camera with an APS-C sensor (kf = 1.6), the camera will have a field of view equal to the equivalent of 800mm focal length, and the aperture will correspond to f / 12,5. Why is that? Because, firstly, because of the narrow viewing angle, you will have to retreat further. Secondly, the camera's sensor receives 1,6 times less light than a full-frame 35mm sensor. Thirdly, although this does not apply to the previous two statements, the lens on the crop has a drop in sharpness due to the denser arrangement of pixels on the matrix and their concentration in the center of the lens.

Adapters for ZM-5A

To work on digital cameras, you need an adapter from the M42x1 threaded connection to your camera. MS ZM-5A 8/500 it is easiest to put on Canon EOS with EF (-s) mount, due to the insignificant difference in focal lengths. However, it should be taken into account that some cameras rest against the bottom of the lens with the flash. Adapters without focus confirmation chips are cheap.

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When ordering, it should be borne in mind that cheap adapters of poor quality with a lens on bayonetf Nikon F spoil the picture significantly. Adapters without a lens reduce the maximum focusing range (due to the difference in focal lengths). Adapters with chips come across poor quality, exposure metering and focus confirmation on some Canon EOS models may suffer from this.


Sample photos and videos, MS ZM-5A


Photohunting with ZM-5A is a lesson for a sophisticated gourmet, or to shoot turtles, there, probably. The lens is more for leisurely shooting, thoughtful layout, observation purposes, for those who like to scare people with their size. For use in nature - a must have, for the city - not quite if you wander the streets and shoot at passers-by. On avito and the like wash sites are found as ZM-5A, ZM-5A MS, and its plastic-lightweight version, ZM-5SA (and other objectives of the series), at prices that are quite comparable to each other. Namely, 2500-7000 rubles.


  1. Series of lenses "ZM"
  2. ZM-5A M42 500mm f / 8 MC
  3. 3M-5A


  1. Series of lenses "MTO"
  2. MTOM 8/500 M39 (mirrored)

Adapters for cameras and lenses

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  1. Thanks a lot for the review. They showed the way to life for my ancient 3M-5FA 1973-74 release. I thought he had only coexistence with the film Zeniths, for which he was bought, but it turns out that he is still suitable for digitalization! Now there will be a headache, to which figure to tie it, if not to Canon.

  2. “In the center, behind the front lens, the same meniscus flaunts” - the front lens is the meniscus. And in the center is a reflective spot.

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