Use on digital cameras

On a camera with an APS-C sensor (kf = 1.6), the camera will have a field of view equal to the equivalent of 320mm focal length, and the aperture will correspond to f / 6,3. Why is that? Because, firstly, because of the narrow viewing angle, you will have to retreat further. Secondly, the camera's sensor receives 1,6 times less light than a full-frame 35mm sensor. Thirdly, although this does not apply to the previous two statements, the lens on the crop has a drop in sharpness due to the denser arrangement of pixels on the matrix and their concentration in the center of the lens.

On a full frame, the lens works as intended - it has a more flexible picture and characteristics corresponding to the declared ones.

The easiest way to shoot is in the mode Aperture Priority (Av), when the camera adjusts the required shutter speed based on the current aperture value and the light in the frame. To work on digital cameras, you will need an adapter from the M42x1 threaded connection to your camera. The Jupiter-21M is easiest to install on a Canon EOS with an EF (-s) mount, due to the insignificant difference in working lengths. Adapters without focus confirmation chips on Canon are cheap.

Sample photos and videos

Sample video, Jupiter-21M

Sample photos of Jupiter-21M

On the Sony A7

These are photos from a Jupiter-21M 4/200 lens different from the one in the review. The lens at full frame shows excellent sharpness, color reproduction, and, despite the fact that the design is archaic, it is quite easy to use on a mirrorless camera. Shot on Sony A7 with zoom and Focus Peaking. Processing in Capture One.


I liked working with Jupiter-21M. Soft in focus, precise switching between aperture values. The picture is good, and even catching the light in the frame, the result was pleasing - together with the “automatic toning” of the photos, we got warm lamp frames. I hope you enjoy the Jupiter-21M review. Have any experience or feedback on Jupiter-21M? Please in the comments.

Adapters for cameras and lenses

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