How to start choosing a location for shooting? First of all, if you are a beginner, and you live and are going to shoot where you have lived for a long time, you still have some of your favorite places in stock. You can start with them. And then - watch the Internet, read forums, and walk, walk, walk. Choose the ratio of the lines of architecture, relying on your inner flair. For example, while looking at locations in the unknown city of Peterhof, I took a couple of interesting shots, and the next day I filmed the newlyweds in the same place. The place next to the registry office is so interesting that it would be a sin not to pass by. Although initially it looks like an ordinary fountain.

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When choosing a location, you should take into account the time of day at which you are going to shoot in the future. It happens, for example, that in the most delicious hours for filming, some locations, being perfectly illuminated during the day, cease to be a good decor. That is, there is no normal light there. Ideally, you should know the whole city and its environs, where you can shoot material at one time or another so that later you will not be ashamed in front of yourself or the client. The position that naturally follows from the previous sentence: walk, move and pay attention to what kind of light is at the current time of day, and what can be removed, for example, at the time when you arrived here. Good light is 70% of a good shot. I don't like shooting with the sun at its zenith at all. Models squint, the camera goes crazy, and nothing is visible at all. At such a time, it is better to take refuge in parks, in arches, in the shade of houses, plus, look for spots of light there. Or use special diffusion devices, umbrellas, involving an assistant.

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The selection of props for an individual shooting always depends on what you want to get on the way out. You should always have a color combination map in front of you to get a more balanced and expensive looking picture. The same goes for the colors of the clothes. Bright colors always cause anxiety and irritation, since in nature, a bright pure color always means danger. Look at the protective coloration of insects, for example. Clothes in muted colors always look better in photos. Therefore, so many photographers use a variety of pre-purchased knitted and woolen items when shooting. Moving away from pure and bright colors, we get interesting looking or inconspicuous shades in the photo:

  • instead of yellow, use orange
  • red - burgundy
  • green - turquoise
  • blue - light blue
  • White gray

Unless, of course, the idea pursues the style of poisonous flowers.

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