Changeable lens "Industar-87" 5,6 / 25 mm. With a limited number of manufactured devices in the practice of collecting, there are copies of 3 issues. In 1978 LOMO released another novelty. It turned out to be a pocket-type camera designed for the use of 16 mm film in 110 cassettes. The frame format is 13 × 17 mm. Automatic mode provides stepless exposure at a given aperture from 5,6 to 16, the shutter is electromechanical guillotine type with program control. Focusing is carried out along the distance scale by rotating the dial protruding from the top panel. The shutter release button and the aperture setting slider are also located there. Film transport and platoon shutter interlocked and carried out by longitudinal movement of a special key.

kosmik 117 mod

Cosmik-117 Issue 1

1978 Limited quantity produced. Peculiarities:

  • the front panel is flat and flat
  • round exposure sensor window
  • round-shaped release button socket
  • non-replaceable lens "Industar-87" 5,6 / 25 mm.

kosmik 117 1

Cosmik-117 Issue 2

1978 The number of copies has not been established. Peculiarities:

  • changed the front panel of the case;
  • the release button has a square shape;
  • there is a slot for attaching a release cable;
  • the frame counter window is located on the bottom panel of the case;
  • non-replaceable lens "Industar-87" 5,6 / 25 mm.

kosmik 117 2

Cosmik-117 Issue 3

1978 Limited quantity produced. Peculiarities:

  • minor design changes were made;
  • non-replaceable lens "Industar-87" 5,6 / 25 mm.

kosmik 117 3


  • 1200 cameras of the USSR. CHAPTER I. Leningrad State Optical Mechanical Plant (GOMZ). Family "Compact-Avtomat".
  • Victor Suglob, Sergey Kochergin, Grigory Shaternik
  • Released only 750 copies of the classifier

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