Equipment with unusual information

FED (Jubilee)

Caption: “To the homeland from street children of the labor commune them. F. E. Dzerzhinsky, FED-Pioner, Ukrainian SSR, No. 10000, 1935 ".

According to information received from a veteran of the plant, every ten-thousandth copy was distinguished by a similar inscription (20-thousandth, 30-thousandth, etc.).

fed jubilejnyj


FED (Gift)

Caption: “Gift of the labor commune to them. FE Dzerzhinsky to the teacher-organizer "Red Hero of Labor" Makarenko LS FED. NKVD-Ukrainian SSR ”. The original camera is kept in the museum of the plant.

fed podarochnyj

FED (M.I.K.)

Caption: "1943. FED. NKVD-USSR, MIK ".

FED cameras with similar inscriptions were unofficially assembled in Berdek during the war.

fed mik


FED (FEDLeica)

Inscription: "FED-Leica, Kharkov"

fed lake

FED (Jura)

Nadpips: “Jura. 12.04.61/XNUMX/XNUMX ".

The engraving is applied to the device of the model "FED" of the 1952 model.

fed jura


Sharp (Stalinist)

Caption: "Stalinist, USSR, FED."

The engraving is applied to the apparatus of the "Zorky" model of the 1950 model. The presence of the "FED" symbolism is inappropriate.

zorkij stalinec

Zorki (FEDZorki)

Caption: “1949, FED, Zorki. Made in USSR ".




The team of authors would like to express deep gratitude to friends and colleagues who have provided great assistance in creating this catalog.

  • Austria: M. Mladek.
  • America: W. Parkinson, V. Kern, N. Dayton.
  • Belarus: V. Artyukhovsky, V. Volkov, S. Globe, S. Zhukov, A. Zyl, V. Gordeichik, V. Sedelnik, I. Tkachev, V. Maleichuk, I. Komosko, S. Semyonov, I. Yarovenko, I. Kochergin, V. Latushkin, I. Virkovsky.
  • Italy: Claudio Asquini.
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  • Russia: G. Abramov, A. Afanasyev, I. Bazhan, L. Balashevich, A. Kamynin, D. Kopn, Yu. Krylov, I. Moskvin, A. Padalko, Yu. Ryshkov, L. Solodova, O. Tumazov, V. Trofimovich, A. Sheklein, L. Shcherbakova.
  • Ukraine: Y. Davydenko, A. Komarov.
  • France: Alain Berry.
  • Special thanks to our colleagues and friends from Jean Loup Princelle and Valia Ouvricr.

The team of authors apologizes in advance for possible inaccuracies in the spelling of the names of the owners of the equipment that they kindly provided for inclusion in the catalog.

The authors are apologizing in advance for any name misspellings of the equipment owners that was graciously provided by them for the inclusion in this catalog.


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Suglob V.P.

With 89 1200 cameras "from the USSR: catalog-classifier / VP Suglob, S. Kochergin, G M. Shaternik.

Minsk: Medial, 2009 p.

ISBN 978-985-6914-10-5

UD K -681.772.2 (47 + 57X085.2 BBK 37.940.2-5 (2)

Popular Science Edition

  • Suglob V.P.
  • Kochergin S.I.
  • Shaterpik G.M.
  • 1200 cameras from the USSR


  • Responsible for the issue I. Virkovsky
  • Technical editor I. Virkovsky
  • Editor V. Latushkin
  • Computer set I. Kochergin
  • Layout by I. Yamuteev
  • Proofreader S. Ishchenko

Signed for printing on August 19.08.2009, XNUMX

  • Format 60 × 90 1/8.
  • Offset paper.
  • FreeSet headsets. Garamond, Petersburg. Offset printing.
  • Uel. print l. 82.
  • Uch.-ed. l. 45,3.
  • Circulation 200 pcs.
  • Order 1504.


  • Released by order of the Photo-Museum "World of Photo"
  • Limited Liability Company "Medial" LP No. 02330 \ 0131870 dated 20.10.2006
  • St. King, 9-118, 220004 Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • JSC "Polygraphkombinat im. Y. Kolas "
  • LP No. 02330/0150496 dated March 11.03.2009, XNUMX
  • St. Krasnaya, 23, 220600 Minsk. Republic of Belarus

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