Yongnuo 50mm f / 1.8 review. The Chinese company Yongnuo got to the cloning of Canon lenses, having produced flash units and lighting equipment before that. As stated earlier, the work was carried out not only in terms of creating lens from this review, but also some others. Despite the apparent similarities, Canon did not respond to a request for the legal side of this approach. The test includes not only optical, but also a comparison of the internal layout of the original Canon 50mm f1.8 II and Yongnuo 50mm f1.8 lenses.

UPD: Several years after the release of the YN 50mm f / 1.8 lens, Yongnuo has released many lens models for Canon and Nikon. At the same time, all of them, one way or another, externally and internally, are copies of certain models of lenses of the flagships of photography.

Yongnuo Lens Diagram 50mm f / 1.8

The Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 has an interesting feature - although the optical design is similar to the original from Canon, nevertheless, the lens was designed from scratch. Compare parameters - focal length Chinese 50mm (plus or minus 0,37), diaphragm f / 1.86; Canon - 51,5mm f / 1.82. Canon is designed as a lightweight and cheap alternative to its "adult brothers", Yongnuo is the same plastic, and even cheaper.

yongnuo yn 50mm f1.8 scheme liveviewer.ru

The portal has reviews of lenses with the same scheme:



Specifications 50mm f / 1.8

  • Optical design 6 elements in 5 groups
  • Viewing angle 46,8 degrees. (31,7 for APS-C)
  • Max. diaphragm f / 1.8
  • MDF 0,45 m
  • Filter diameter 52 mm
  • Length x diameter 55mm × 73mm
  • Weight 120 grams
  • Price 85 $

Yongnuo 50mm f / 1.8 in action


As for the autofocus operation with YN 50mm f / 1.8Canon cameras are doing much better than the native Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 II. The scrap rate reaches 10%, which is very good for glass of this level. For comparison, Canon's defect rate reaches 50%, the focus is "walking", it often turns out to be "overshoot", then "undershoot", which is very bad. Yongnuo suffers from this sore to a much lesser extent. The autofocus drive is built on the same principle as implemented in the Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 II. Sores, and features of operation, in fact, are identical. For example, both lenses make the same noise when focusing, the same smear by, the same backlash of the focusing rings. The rigid connection between the focusing ring and the drive is also copied in full. No fine-tuning, no smoothness of the focuser ring. Cheap and cheerful.

The problem with unstable focus isthat the lenses use stepper motors with very large gear teeth. Because of this, the lens may not get into focus, and also have a spread in the accuracy of the hit.


The lens diaphragm is electronic, controlled from the camera. Works noisy, as well as autofocus on this lens.

Image quality

The image quality of the lens is inferior to that of Canon. In order to get an acceptable picture, it makes sense to cover the aperture to f / 4-5.6. At open values, the lens produces the following:

Yongnuo 50mm f / 1.8

The Canon 50mm f / 1.8 is much sharper, and at f / 2.8 is the same as the Yongnuo at f / 4 ... Only the edges of objects are sharper. Especially in the center.

yongnuo ef 50mm f1.8 liveviewer.com


Chromatic aberration in lens is practically absent, and the spherical one is at the level of its more expensive "brother" from Canon.

yongnuo ef 50mm f1.8 liveviewer.ru 9


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