Tamron is a Japanese optical company. Engaged in the production of lenses, lenses for cameras.


Tamron was originally founded as Taisei Kōgaku Kiki Seisakusho Arai Takeyuki, in the city of Urawa (now a suburb of Saitama). The main designer of optics was Tamura Uhoyo, on his behalf the present Tamron was received.

First as a brand (1961), then as a company name (1970). In 1957, Tamron developed the T-mount. Lenses equipped with which had the ability to port to other systems. The T-mount was later adopted by the mainstream and some other companies.

The mount did not provide for the use of direct transmission of the f-number to the camera and in 1966 was replaced by the Adapt-A-Matic, the predecessor of the Adaptall (1976) and Adaptall-2 (1979) systems. The first high-performance lenses in the SP line were released by the company in 1979. In 1995 Tamron bought out the shares of Bronica, whose products ceased supply in 2005.

Tamron modernity

In 2004, the company had a turnover of 61 million yen. The staff consisted of about five thousand people. The main products of the company are inexpensive lenses of hybrid (glass + plastic) optical schemes. A vivid example of this lens - Tamron 70-300. More detailed historical essays on the development of the company are available on its website.

Lens markers from Tamron

 Label  Value  transcript
DI Lenses for full frame cameras
DIII Lenses for cameras with APS-C sensor
DI III Mirrorless Lenses
IF Inner AF / MF Internal focus
Macro Macro Capability
OSD Optimized Silent Drive Fast focusing
Pzd Piezo Drive Piezo focus system
RXD Rapid eXtra-silent stepping drive Silent focusing stepping motor
SP Great performance High quality lens
USD Ultrasonic Silent Drive Ultrasonic focus motor
VC Vibration Compensation Optical stabilizer
VXD Voice-coil eXtreme-torque drive High speed focus stepping motor

Adapters for cameras and lenses

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